Iceberg 氷山

  It's a tip of the iceberg, and its dropping into the water now is nothing for the iceberg  itself under the water. What they say in the column left is just preposterous since the administration failing is a wreck of an ice floe built in the freezing air of autocracy they manage to produce by insulating the heat of democracy in the making of our constitution. 
  As Mr. Kamei is anxious about, our judicature will never check the governmental misconduct under its "Political business" theory laid to protect the original unconstitutionality.
  The tiger let loose long ago is now devouring us, you see.
  I wonder if we are seeing Hegel's "trick of reason" achieving our peace and prosperity as the tail of a gold coin, Armageddon.
 亀井氏が危惧する通り、この政府の不法に、この種の憲法違反を護るために 「統治行為」 論を布いた司法が、介入するわけはない。
 ヘーゲルの 「理性の狡知」 が、わが平和と繁栄を達成した金貨の裏側に、最終戦争を覗かせているのではないか。

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Religions 宗旨

  Contrary to the author's friendly optimism left, Japan can't be a non-religious state since our emperor system has secretly been keeping its absolutism just a-century-and-a-half years old in spite of  Allies democratizing us as evidenced hereabout so far.
  Actually, our world problem isn' t Islamism against Christianism but the have-nots against the haves, isn't it? As Karl Marx points out the world is battlefields of class struggles. Only it appears as the strong eat the weak.
  Fortunate or not, such battles have few minutes to go further because of nuclear arts.  Accordingly, we have no other choice than a cease-fire to be got by dissolving such jungles through welfare under a UN initiative.
  Under it, every member country is first to secure its people's nourishment not poorer  than its armament since our safety has to be secured in and out physically as well as nationally.
  It is simple and practicable for our rulers to follow, don't you think?

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Integrity  誠実

  Asahi's prewar plight left tells what Meiji Restoration actually was, and what the newspaper nevertheless is now.
  In spite of its democratic principles advocated by the author, the restoration revived by our postwar ruling group including the newpaper through Article 7 House breakups has turned it into cabinet's autocracy deceiving us for so long as Yomiuri has honestly said.
  That is to say, the past suppresed media are now in the suppressor group after such historical lessons evident from our postwar democracy never working as such.
  Above all, our People's sovereignty is incompatible with a sovereign, but we are under an emperor system, which should be nominal if we are in a people's democracy.
  In other words, our postwar regime has been a historical revisionism resisting Allies' democratization by secretly keeping the restoration principles shown left.
  Any polity will do, but Asahi lying us into autocracy as democracy will not.

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Bull's-eye 正鵠

  Internal Affairs Minister hits the bull's eye when she says it's time to overcome Meiji Restoration Prime Minister is ready to celebrate at its 1.5 century anniversary by making people freer to reinforce their lives in our society getting increasingly elderly.
  In order to materialize her aim, a pair of concrete policies must immediately be carry out instead of his trickling-down theory and arbitrary House breakup both found false.
  That is to say, my basic income plan as his compensation for the 70 year-long false breakups followed by Cabinet's restricted House breakup revived is an answer to this all (See this page on NYD last).
  The most important aspect of this showdown is, however, to liquidate our century-long false life under the restoration revived by Article 7 House breakups in our postwar democracy.
 彼女の目的達成には、彼の滴下の雫論と衆院解散権が共に嘘と判明した現在、これに替わる具体的施策が直ちに必要である。彼の偽解散権への月額一人三万円補償 (去年正月本欄参照) としてのベーシックインカム制と、これに伴う内閣制限解散権への復帰が、万事を解決しよう。

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Fall 崩落

  A small corner on the iron wall of our authority has just started falling when Professor Takeshi Sasaki proposed at last a change in our House dissolution power as in the column left.
  After all, the power has well worked as a shock absorber for Master People so introduced by GHQ into our nation according to Potsdam Declaration as to induce Cabinet first to force its dissolution advice to Emperor through Article 7, Supreme Court second with the incidental constitutional review further fortified by its political business theory to let such a Cabint's action alone, and Diet third to neglect legalising the said power, thus Three Powers together with mass media conspiring against the GHQ attempt for our keeping Monarchy thus revived by the said false power.
  The revived Monarchy demised Democracy, both nominally coexisting under Cabinet's autocracy with the said false power, and now this regime is to evolve into next stage with the coming constitutional revision as indicated by the small fall this time.
  Remember all of this started with Cabinet Legislative Bureau tampering with Article 69. (See Leviathan Japonica.)

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Supreme Injustice 最高不裁苦

  Under "Political business" theory adopted by Supreme Court to Cabinet's House breakup so arrogant dominates not only House but also such administrative functions as Police and Prosecutors who are, otherwise, to question such abuse of power under Criminal Code 193 (Abuse of authority), thus leading to our grave unconstitutionality.
  The postwar Three-Power deadlock opens, based on Article 69 erasing the limited power concerned as well as Incidental judicial review, an anarchic sanctuary for Cabinet with a vacant imperial edict to railroad its House breakup, each time reinforcing, contrary to our professor's theory, its pavement for Imperial powers instead of People's sovereignty to march on as Yomiuri and Asahi virtually confessed to it in connivance with them all against Potsdam Delaration.
  See even John W. Dower's Pulitzer Prize work, by the way, missing in the left column a Japanese rose bearing fruit clearly visible through the deep throat of the person in charge of the magic published in 1976 (See Leviathan Japonica).
 ところが、ジョン・ダワーのピューリッツアー賞著作さえ、左欄の通り、この山吹が実を付けた魔術の種明かし (1976年) に気付いていないのだ。 (リバイアサンジャポニカ参照)

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Insane 発狂

  "Governmental business" theory laid by Supreme Court would have worked, in spite of Professor Yasuo Hasebe's "Moxa", even if Premier had failed in the general election, the breakup power coming back after the actual work since it was not on the agenda in the general election.
  Thus, our nation is running farther down along the crazy way set by our postwar governments. 
  Just as M.P. Yukio Ozaki shouted disapproval to an Article 7 House breakup on its podium, Japanese people are all insane.
  Former House Speaker Tamisuke Watanuki and CDP Leader Yukio Edano, both of whom, I was forgetting, guestioned the power may be trustworthy in negotiating our damages caused by the fraudulent power.
  Beside our ADHD-like government, aditionally, honest Yomiuri and dishonest Asahi are only debtors of damages for our lost sovereignty and power mentioned above by their postwar conspiracy.
  What else can you expect from them ruling all with its quarter votes? 

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Liars 嘘つきたち

  Asahi as seen left lies that Cabinet can dissolve House under Article 7, and that Premier has to dissolve it or resign en masse when House passes a non-confidence resolution.
  On the contrary, Article 7 for Emperor's matters of state cannot pass such a cabinet intention as the former carrying no legitimate dissolution power, and Article 69 as seen left gives no such power to Cabinet as said in the latter.
  As an abc, any power exercised by Emperor under Article 7 is so nominal that it does not constitute any power but passes it with His authority, you see.
  Whether you have a great cause or not, you cannot unduly evoke it, as the paper's chief editorial writer left suggests there, let alone a cause to hide the postwar constitutional fraud for keeping old imperial powers.
  Yomiuri honestly confesses to its wrong stance like this, unlike dishonest Professor Yasuo Hasebe and his usual newspaper.

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Convenient 好都合

 It's convenient to see evil prosper as our exorcising target. It'd be inconvenient to find who to ask damages to for such a longtime breakup fraud, if Cabinet hasn't revived by it.
 Everybody still remembers so mighty a power of his wasn't in what he asked for in the election as leading to no legislation in this constitutional state, and the moxa told left by the lawyer and the newspaper is working on this end only to prove what it is.
  They are all in this together, like contingent jurisdiction review and political business theory, you see. 
  It's simply rude to our most historic family to make use of its advisor's position to abuse a postwar expedient laid by our loyalists. 
  You will see justice done, sooner or later.
  P.S.: Chief editorial writer left is exactly making shift with it.
  追記: お茶を濁すとは、左欄冒頭の論説主幹こそを謂う。

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Anew 一新

  Emperor, to be head of state, must receive a veto owned by His every family member on its official position, from us submitting sincere thanks to His reign.
  Japan must honour its military adequetely by law.
  Twisted basic human rights must be corrected.
  House must be dissolved by Cabinet only when Cabinet is rejected by House.
  Constitution Court must be established.
  Upper House must be abolished.
  Sovereignty must go back to People.
  Postwar trick to keep Imperial powers must be pardoned.
  Deceived Sovereign after Allied occupation must be compensated for.
  Election campaign must be publicly held indoors under a constituency.
  Constitution must be accordingly amended.
  Prime Minister must go.

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Cross 十字架

  Regardlees of the election result, Premier should resign, shouldering, as a historical revisionist, a cross of the prolonged ghost state now debunked thoroughly.
  No pierrot can dance forever, and your last lawyer and newspaper holding a final verdict so governmental are finding no way out as seen hereabouts.
  This fraud commited by "I beg, I beg your vote" governments is a thousand times foxier than "Mom, it's me, me" swindlers pocketing annually 100 billion yen at most in that a wing of Three Powers changing, by magic, 69 to 7, another wing rejecting to judge the  result, in fact accepting it from its back door, and the last wing welcoming a butcher thus set up by its "Banzai!" every time like now, they stash a hundred trillion yen into their pocekts annually.
  Your pockets aside, where are your faces saved, seeing Emperor instead of People for  Sovereign? Premier's arbitrary House breakup is a mere byproduct of this postwar trick.
  Above all, his hawkish breakup is now inviting a war, isn't it?
  P.S.: Referring to a newspaper's comment left, J-ALERT is so unaware of the closing-in missile's target that it is the more dreadful with its nuclear-head arrival (in the sky for enhancing effect) tolerance 2km.
 「お願い、一票を、お願い」 歴代与党が、せいぜい年千億円の稼ぎの 「母さん、おれ、おれ」 詐欺師たちより千倍も狡猾な詐欺なのは、国政三権の一翼が六十九を七に変えた手品を、裁く他翼が拒みつつ裏口から取り込み、仕立てた刺客を残りの一翼が万歳で歓迎してきた倒錯を、現に今も犯しつつ、年百兆円も彼ら自身のポケットに捩じ込むからだ。
 懐勘定もさることながら、主権在民を天皇大権に替えられた側の面子は何処へ行った。衆院解散権など、この陰謀の副産物なのだ。それどころか、この鷹派解散が戦争を招き寄せていないか。(追記: 左欄新聞のコメントだが、Jアラートは、近づくミサイルの目標を予知しないが、核弾頭の効果を拡大する空中を含む、命中精度2kmの恐るべき盲爆を警告はする)

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Iron 鉄

  Iron is iron as far as it's not rusty, ensuing no serious problems. In Japan, however, our  government including its administration, legislature and judicature works basically with rotten laws.
 House breakup the other day was not only insincere as pointed out in the column left but also criminal since it was, above all, based on Article 69 whose original House breaking power so constricted as noted there was illegally erased by Cabinet preparing the law, as evidenced in this page, to set a loophole to Article 7 where the power allegedly becomes arbitrary for a premier through his advice to an emperor, breaking, as proved bellow, such  laws further.
  Thus cooked law was, next, declared by Supreme Court to be government's business so rejecting an appeal as to keep long, nonetheless, a verdict by High Court supporting the power under Article 7.
  Diet, finally, has neglected to correct the provisions leading to such misconducting rules, to be in line with such two wings of powers.
  The resultant national crime has long been pushing on its way for Imperial prelogatives instead of People's sovereignty, as our leading newspapers confessed recently, in order, under cover of such media, to keep our traditional national polity of Imperial system with the power as its core and evade unneccessary bloodshed possible following our postwar reform.     

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3 Trillion Fine 罰金30兆円

                   COMMONSENSE COURT 
  Defendants: Successive Governments
  被告:         歴代政府
  Plaintiffs:     Japanese People
  原告:         日本国民
  Verdict:       Guilty. Fine of 30,000,000,000,000.00 Yen.
  判決:          有罪。罰金30兆円。
  Evidence.     Cabinet Decision 6/10/2017 on Diet Shutout. 
  証拠:           憲法七条関連閣議決定(2017/10/6 左欄参照)。
  Laws:          Articles 1, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12 & 69, Constitution.
  根拠法:       憲法第1、4、6、7、 9、11、12および69条。  
  Reason:       Cabinet's advice-turned Edict with no dissolution
                    power earlier erased as seen left cannot dissolve
                    House via Article 7 for matters of state having no
                    power for such action relating to government under
                    Article 4.
  理由:           内閣の助言による詔書下に国政に関しない天皇
  Remark:       To be, or not to be - that is the question.
  所見:      おさらばか、粘るか、それが問題だ。
                     (See my New Year's Day page for more)            

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Deus Ex Machina ビッグバン

  Even such intelligentsia as in the column left overlook the origin of our present national crisis since it has been, as paraphrased by a leading lawyer in the newspaper left the day before yesterday, regarded as lawful only formally but not substantially, after Cabinet's House breakup was declared by Supreme Court to be political business.
  Has anyone, by the way, put this outrageous and danderous verdict down in Constitution after a general election, for instance? Without such an action, are we in a constitutional, consternational, or constipational state?
 We are not in a customary-law state, and neglect here causes no effect in spite of the lawyer's assertion. If so, our constitutionalization government's no-warring declaration should have been maintained. About the breakup power still covered with fresh blood, Premier doesn't comment, House forgets, and Court gives a fox sleep.     
  The three-monkey or Three-Power conspiracy has been covering up this governmental crime in the course of constitutionalization to insinuate Emperor's Powers into Article 7 by way of erasing Cabinet's House breakup power in Article 69 original, thus resulting in their 70-year-long misconduct inducing our demising now, as our biggest newspaper maintains, endorced by the two books referred to in the book top left. (P.S.: Written reply from Government today to this issue is a lie since the said substantial power is not substantial with the power itself seen nowhere around. Incidentally, this standpoint is substantially identical between Government and the lawyer and the newspaper, to   corroborate their long-time conspiracy in covering up the above-mentioned governmental fraud.)
 これら三猿が三宅坂で三権を振り回すのは、政府が制憲過程で衆院解散権を憲法六十九条から削除、これにより内閣の助言で七条の解散詔書で解散してきた詐欺を隠すためであり、この国政に関しない筈の七条による解散は七条諸国事を天皇大権に大化けさせ、この妖術の七十年が助言次第の解散という首相独裁を生み、現在の破滅的事態に発展したが、この犯罪は最大紙が認め、左欄冒頭書で参照する両著が裏付けるところである。(追記: この問題に対する政府の今日の答弁書が嘘である証拠に、言うところの実質的権限は、どこにも見当たらない。因みに、この七条を解散権根拠とする立場は、政府と例の憲法学者と新聞が実質的に共有し、これら三者が上記の解散権改竄を隠すために結託してきた事実を証明している)

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Lid 蓋

  Hushing up a national scandal, the lid of Pandora's box has just been opened. No other person than those who are against such a lid-handling magic is welcome to come back. Even Reuters was innocently reporting this morning that our House was breaking up under Article 7. House Speaker pronouncing gravely an edict cooked up under Article 7 so nominal to be relevant is far more grotesque than every school principal reciting most solmnly the educational rescript before his pupils keeping a deep bow.
  Cast your vote well aware that we are still under the prewar regime as our biggest newspaper reveals bellow.
  Referring to a newspaper's point top left, the dissolution just carried out as an Emperor's matter of state under Article 7 based on Premier's advice to Him is, unlike the paper's
connotation, unconstitutional since He is here only proclaiming it under the article based on his advice unlawful because he has no dissolution power, thus abusing his own lawful advising power obviously not almighty, while the paper is accordingly covering up its 70-year-long lie as an accomplice of this national fraud endorsed quickly by the lawyer now together destroying Japan.

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Taboo 禁忌

  Biggest newspaper admits Cabinet's breakup power suceeds the imperial prerogative, openly supporting it from its conservative stance, while Second paper time and again today trys to restrict the power, covertly keeping it from its quasi-progressive tradition.
  Seeing no one is actually stopping, even at this juncture, the threatening House disollution, it's clearly a taboo for every influential person even to mention the legitimacy of the false power. Guess why so?
  An evidence is a book, which no one has reffered publicly to its content after it was published in 1977. (See this page down for further detail)
  How can Article 7 let Cabinet break up House, when Article 7 denotes Emperor's sheer ceremonial matters of state obviously unable, under Article 4, to be such a core power of government as a House breakup?
  Cabinet's Article 7 House breakup is indeed pushing its way now, to force this absurdity.

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Non-confidence 不信任

  Propose a non-confidence resolution. If it is rejected, Cabinet cannot dissolve House, and if it is passed, Cabinet can dissolve House according to Article 69 checking and balancing the two powers, Cabinet and House, under the principle of the separation of three powers, thus Emperor proclaiming, assisted by Cabinet's advice, under Article 7, the dissolution, just as in the first dissolution taken place, mediated by General MacArthur.
  Emperor's house breakup 's already been revealed by Biggest newspaper editor, and it's no use for Second paper trying today to hide this 70-year-old  practice it's followed.
  Premier is right in warning yesterday there's a national crisis coming, which we are necessary to be prepared for by fast adjusting this postwar wrong buttoning.

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Achilles' Heel 弁慶の泣き所

    Such a good book can not, without intention, miss our Emperor's power now demising our Nation under Article 7.
  It was preposterous to see a newspaper arguing how to get in when another paper had earlier got in to show it's open, and is much stranger to find more than a year later the former still arguing how to get in when it's obviously been open for years.
  The latter's editor in chief isn't vainly old to be straight in advocating it just as he is about amending Article 9, I'm firmly against the former but for the latter though.
  A breakup under Article 7 is a lie, but was a useful one to pass by some dangerous conflicts possible under Sovereign Power suddenly changed hands by GHQ.
  Let's normalise it, now. Don't you think General MacArthur was a timely god? Last Emperor would agree.

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Breakthrough 突破

  It is beautiful to see this breakthrough via naive realism, which no one can deny in our life. I can forget my heart together with other noises while I navigate in the world with this chart.
  A poll result left tells how our democracy will be under a false breakup coming, helped by our mass media so much that you may hardly be changing the situation.
  Asked about the stance against Article 7 breakup taken by a leader of the opposition following the first leader of National New Party, Cabinet Secretary General (20/9/2017) retorts, "It's Premier's proper business." Premier earlier (2/5/2017) remarked, "No comment as an executor of the business." A certain supreme court declared long ago, "It's political business." Now I'd like to say, "It's none of your business."
  Whoever wins the election, by the way, our own rule will not come true until the imperial powers insinuated via Article 7 into our Constitution are annulled by its winner.
 最大野党の副党首が、国民新党初代代表に続いて、7条衆院解散を疑問視すると、内閣官房長官 (2017/9/20)は、「憲法上の首相の専権だ」 と切って捨てたが、当の首相(2017/5/2)は、「私は解散する立場だから、意見を差し控える」 と逃げるので、何十年か昔に最高裁とか言う所が、「解散は政治の仕事」 と宣うて、これも逃げたのを思い出し、当方も、「いっそ、ほっといてくれ」 と言いたくなる。

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Wreck 破船

  The summing-up top left did project its context against so broad a background that I missed it last time.
  Now, it reminds me of my boyish despair at my job to bail out the bilge with a bamboo pump when I gazed down from the bow hatch now opened at the blue water deep through a slit admissive of my fingers between the bottom planks rotten on board the freighter loaded with tons of assigned bricks traveling in summer daylight on the inland sea.
  When we are all in the same flattop Unsinkable again, you cannot help staying around however you want to change your environment at the mercy of your mutinous postwar bundits.
  After John F. Kennedy's warning of the sword of Damocles, we are still safe altogether clinging to a piece of hair, which I am recently realizing is so strong as to be more reliable than a club, in spite of such a surprise attack to USSR told to Donald L. Keene over a cup of tea by Bertrand A.W. Russel.
  As told left, Jean J. Rousseau's principle of volonte generale would be met by a majority vote to nix nuke, which is absolutely right for us all including North Korea whose nuke plan cannot be denied till then with nukes held by other countries intact. See another grandson seemingly unaware of it last.

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Priority 優先

  What should you prefer as your exact problem when you see a remark taken up by our philosophers like that in the column left?
  Because of the source given, you can see it environmental, but you might see it as such other issues as our nuke lease or even our emperor system proper in that the newspaper would lay smoke screens in such ways, provoking our suspicion, you see.
  As you see it in the book, it is exactly environmental, not in so general contexts we are historically sensitive to as you might guess it from what the columnist paraphrases the original, and thus you can see the newspaper's usual trick to cover up our political momentum for recovering our sovereignty once exactly chronic from the ruling group of usurpers.
  Any follow up of your reporter's recent lament for his commonplace idea of the power, by the way?   

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Deja Vu いつか来た道

  The stage is turning;
          Nation gone, land and river alive,
          Castle in spring, grass and bush ripe.                            
                                                                                      Tu Fu 
  In spite of their placid appearances in this epoc, however, our society as well as nature must be irreversibly left deformed by evil or radio active as told left or bellow.
  It's amazing to see, nonetheless, a page of a leading newspaper recently telling its reporter's lament that he used to see our premier's House breakup as a "practice," and see the same page now carrying an essay by a professor that the "postwar regime (under the sham breakup power) should not be altered".   
   After Teng Hsiao-Ping's cat black or white catching mice following Mao Tsue-Tung's flowers all alive, you can, in the end, be so practical as to take up my proposal bellow.
 大新聞が、それでも尚、戦後体制の要である首相偽解散権を 「常識と思っていた」 と記者に嘆かせた、その欄で今度は、この偽権力を軸とする 「戦後体制は変えるべきでない」 と学者に書かせるとは畏れ入る。

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Borderline 境界線

  A professor in the newspaper top left must be joking if he isn't talking like that to himself, when I'm wondering how he could put a line recently between his "No" to collective self-defense and his "Yes" to any constitutional disputes including the "No"one.
  Another professor in unison with him asserts "black is white" for every point in it, while American journalist is watching street battles actually flaring up between the right and the left wings protesting for their own causes borderlined like that.
  What is commonly missing in such assertions by our leading intellectuals is the secret trick set by our postwar regime making use of our symbol emperor system to keep the prewar version, under which our constitutional pillars are so twisted as to be null and void.
  Why don't they ever try to amend the charter itself? They can't because it will reveal their treason. No solution, then? Yes, there is. Let's change it under a ruler of our choice.
Without condemning them? They are worth letting go for our 70-year-long prosperity.
 このように教授は、左欄で自戒しているのでなければ、彼の 「憲法なんでもあり」 の立場から、どうして国会で集団的自衛権に 「否」 が飛び出したのか、冗談でなければ不思議だ。
  相手の教授も、自衛隊について、いちいち、「黒は白」 と言うのは、米女性ジャーナリストが冒頭で、あのように 「線引き」 に悩む左右両翼が街路で殴り合う現状との、その対照の妙に感心する。

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Contrast 対照

  "Good enough, isn't it?" agrees Late Emperor to its US draft in a memoir, while Premier evades a question about its Art. 69 (House dissolution) faked saying, "I'd rather refrain from commenting on it as its dissolver myself," in a sharp contrast on our Constitution in two major newspapers carrying the scoops one each this morning.
  A former university president now 40 years after its cooker's advice suggests us nearly ruinous a proposal to reverse what such officials had so cooked Art. 69 as to lose its dissolver, and let Art. 7 forcibly work as the source of the power in spite of its nature as a matter of state not relating to government. (See my "Liviathan Japonica")
  It is never too late to mend it since it is the core of the gigantic conspiracy to keep our old regime in our postwar rule with Premier subjugating thus born lame duck MPs and ever sleeping Supreme court after giving back its supreme task to check such misconducts.
  Bill Gates' universal basic income system (UBI) left may wonderfully check such widespread falls of democracy, if we lay a rule of every U.N. member budgeting UBI equal to its military. Man needs to be secured in and out physically and nationally.
 「いいじゃないか」 と、先帝は、その米草案を或るメモによれば肯定し、現首相は 「自身が当の解散者なので意見を控える」 と、その改竄された第69条 (衆院解散権) については言い逃れたと、わが憲法への両者の対照的な態度を、主要二紙が各自のスクープとして朝刊で報じた。
 今になって、元大学総長は、制憲官僚が69条を改竄して解散者を消し、国政に関しない国事行為の7条を無理にも解散権原としてきたのを、元に戻そうと、この官僚が悔悟して40年前に同様提案したのは無視し、亡国を目前に左欄の通り提案する。(「リバイアサンジャポニカ」 参照)
 ビル・ゲイツの全般的ベーシックインカム制度 (UBI、左欄) は、これら世界に拡がる民主主義の崩壊を阻止する妙手かも知れない、もし国連が加盟国に軍備とUBIを同額にする義務を負わせ得ればだ。人の安全は内外から保障する必要があろう、身体的にも国家的にも。

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Blind Spot 盲点

  A professor left defines our world as Gaming society for General welfare seen by Hegel under our Mutual acknowledgements based on Rousseau's General will taming Hobbes' Leviathan, while another professor advocates the other's game to encourage us to overcome the monster possibly resurgent after the 2008 financial crisis.
  In order to complete such propositions, a national security budget equal to its people' s basic income may be practicable as a Life guard principle, which will, if ever introduced, secure our lives under balance and restraint in and out physically and nationally.
  Isn't a leviathan rising up, by the way, before such professors when our PM is taking up House breakup power from Emperor, whom it has been allegedly vested in ever after Constitution was so cooked by PM's gang that the Hegel's Free kingdom has been so long betrayed by Diet denying the Rousseau's People democracy with its PM arbitration never controlling the Hobbes' monster nation? (See my "Leviathan Japonica")
  Leviathan threatens to loom up like Emperor Assist Movement, only replacing Him with PM this time.
  教授が、左欄で、世界を 「普遍ルール社会」 と呼ぶのは、ヘーゲルの 「相互承認」 原理に基づく「一般福祉」を目指し、この原理自体は、ルソーの 「一般意志」 でホッブスの 「怪獣リバイアサン」 を押さえ込んだものとされるが、別の教授は、このルールを敷衍して、2008年金融危機で蘇生しかねない怪獣国家を、我々が取り押さえるよう訴える。
 これら提案を完璧にするには、国家の防衛予算を国民のベーシックインカムに等しくする「生命保全原則」 を樹てるのが実際的ではなかろうか、この原則は、ひとたび樹立されれば、われらが生命を内外で身体的にも国家的にも均衡と抑制の下に保全しようから。
 これら教授に向かって、ところで、既にリバイアサンは鎌首を擡げていないか、首相が間もなく天皇から、いわゆる衆院解散権能を奪回しようとしているが、ヘーゲルの自由の王国で、この偽権能は制憲政府の憲法改竄以来長きに亘りルソーの人民民主主義を裏切り、天皇制怪獣たるホッブスの国家を温存してきたのだから。(HP 「リバイアサンジャポニカ」 参照)

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Schizo 分裂症

  Contrary to the revisionist's conclusion bellow, Sovereignty as the will of our nation's supreme organ resides not with Nation but with People under the jurist's theory described.
  Again, the professor left preferres Charter to a basic human right in condemning Message, and further Late Emperor's private talk to His decree in denying His person.
  Law theories including human rights are universal, while constitutions are at the discretion of nations concerned as far as such nations adopt the latter laws roughly within the former.
  It is rather strange, however, to see the well-versed such as above two with such logical sequences read the other way round, naturally to let us suspect whatever motives they might entertain behind them. Historical revisions as you see there must justify, or hide at least, their original sin, Constitution tampered.
  Although He also used to say the other way round Himself, Late Emperor in person was free to believe Himself a descendant of the sun god, and this legend is one of the reasons why we respected him as our de facto head of state. He was always right, and our leaders are always mixing His ways like them up.
  What is real is rational and what is rational is real, is it?

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Post Truth 言い放題

  The self-styled historical revisionist left seems utterly wrong when he proclaims the phrase "to reside with" in Article 1 is so different from "to reside in" that the sovereignty belonging to our nation is misread as belonging to our people.
  According to OED (line 8th on, left column, p707, vol.XIII), the phrase "to reside with" is an obsolete or old-fashioned version of "to reside in "meaning both "to rest or be vested in" so that our Constitution is alright.
  Can you guess what the reporter next is wheedling you into by introducing a former university president's lament there? He is trying to focus your attention on the timing of  House breakup after barely touching it, in order to divert your eyes from the breakup power itself framed up by his newspaper and so on. 
  After they cooked up Article 69 dropping the breaker from it, Administration cannot help but claiming the power, if you follow the very official cooker (See my HP at Backstage D06).
  LDP planned yesterday to break up House in autumn next year.
  Under such smoke screens, you might miss what I see in the economist-turned columnist for the paper.       
 自ら称する歴史修正主義者は、左欄で憲法第一条の 「の存する」 が英語草案の 「の在る」 とは異なるので、わが国家に属すべき主権が国民に属すると見做す曲解を生んだと宣言するのだから、さすがのトランプ氏も裸足で逃げ出すのではないか。
 オクスフォード英語辞典 (第XIII巻707頁左欄8行目以下) によれば、英熟語 「に存する」 は 「に在る」 の廃語形または古語形であって、意味は二つの日本語が示す通りに同じであるから、ここで憲法は翻訳を間違ってはいない。
 元大学総長の慨嘆を紹介して、その次の記者は何を言おうとしているのか、あなたには見当が付くだろうか。彼は、衆院解散権に触れるやいなや、あなたの注意を解散のタイミングに集中させ、彼の新聞その他が共謀して解散者を消した解散権そのものからは、あなたの目を逸らせようとしているのだ。この犯行実行官僚の言う余儀ない行政府による解散権執行を不問にする為だ。(当HP 「楽屋」 D06参照)

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Trump Japan トランプジャパン

  A spectre is haunting World - the spectre of a class strife final. Take cover underground just as ancient homo sapiens did under raging dinosaurs. Capitalism is at its historic demise in Washington.
  Computerization has been so labor-saving that our relations to production power must now be reorganized through conflicts between the haves and the have-nots, to see either ever-lasting welfare states or last wars redioactive ultimately.
  As its substantial minimum damages, my offer bellow to Government consists of one dollar a day for ignoring our basic right, another one a day for falsifying Diet breakup, and the last one a day for keeping Imperial prerogative all under Constitution cooked, totaling to ten dollars a day at a compound interest (annual 1.2 %) in a century.
  In other words, the governmental obligation minimum coincides with the proposed annual basic income budget (¥30 trillion).
  Government can share this original burden with such conspirators of it as our three major newspapers.
  You will keep pedaling your bicycle to run ever after, I hope.
 有意の最小限賠償額として、下記私案では、人権侵害は一日百円、衆院偽解散権が一日百円、それに旧大権温存も一日百円としても、これらを改竄憲法で一世紀続けるのだから、複利計算 (年利1.2%) で一日千円  (989円) になる。
 換言すれば、この最小限見積政府債務は、私案のベーシックインカム制度の年予算 (30兆円) に一致する。

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Deal 手打ち

  Why doesn't Premier call it a deal by giving us a New Year's present of a basic income system of , say, 30,000 yen a month in compensating us for his governmental fraud now  nearly breaking down our country under Constitution cooked alright by his party?
  Out of your purse of a hundred trillion yen, a thirty percent or 300,000 yen per capita  can, unlike your failing policy, trickle directly down into a hundred million pockets to boost care-free comsumption for the coveted growth.
   The cost will actually not be bigger than for JSDF when such pockets as too bigger will be omitted, while the both allotments are equally indispensable for securing our lives as our fundamental human right. You have accordingly never achieved the half of your task there, lagging far behind other developed countries.
  Ignoring a pit opened up recently under your feet by bigger two of our three major news media virtually confessing their involvement in this conspiracy (See a few topics down) , are you still keeping your money trickling into bigger pockets bulging to burst at the demise of capitalism?
  Japan expects that every man involved in the conspiracy will do his basic in this war against the poverty in a bossy glut.
 三大新聞中の上位二紙までが、冒頭で述べた陰謀への加担を近頃事実上自白したが、それでも、この足下に生じた陥没 (本欄数件前を参照) を無視して、あなたは、わが上中層への散財を、膨らんだポケットから溢れる札束が資本主義終焉で紙屑になるまで、続けるのかと問いたい。

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Prince 皇弟

  Several decades back, I happened to see Prince a few meters away from me at the reception counter in a library known for its archaeological collections in the Orient.

  I believe that Emperor is human, and that he is entitled to his fundamental human rights in spite of his constitutional position. Accordingly, Imperial House Law shalll be so revised as to give every member of his family a veto at least to his or her public position under  Constitution including the position for a queen to be added in the law.

  In short, our Imperial family has been out of basic human rights.

  No member of the recent governmental advisory committee for the imperial status has acknowledged, but the truth is, as so far repeated here around (See my "Backstage" at D3), that the deplorable law was the last straw thrown in by our postwar governments in the greatest conspiracy in our history for saving our old imperial system into Constitution as its criminal officials revealed their trick on Occupying Allies proudly later in their memorials.

  That is, such members are still playing too in the tragicomedy taking man for deity.



 天皇公務に関する最近の政府専門家会議の委員は誰も言及しないが、当欄内外で繰返した通り (当HP 「楽屋」 D03参照)、皇室典範は戦後政府による歴史上最大の陰謀の最後手段であり、この陰謀が、占領軍を欺いて、旧天皇制を、恥ずべき現状通りに、新憲法に残してあると、実行当事者は各自の著書で揚言している。

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Mind Your Step 脚下照顧

   In the column left, our leading constitutionalist's tongue slip is a historic sample of "No secret but will come to light." catching him red-handed in his brain containing Mac's  original article 69, to reveal his leadership based on his follower's twisted version of it (Ref.1 left) in steering this nation into a maze ever since he declared just before 1st breakup, "House breakup is Emperor's." (Nov.18, 1948 in "Asahi").
  Unlike others, our old Fox was so cunning that all animals in the kingdom trusted him who told them that Lord had bestowed Power upon him to dismiss their backbenchers gathering whenever he likes to do so with a jewel ball in his mouth to show his authority borrowing King Tiger's roar to scare them into submission, although Lord also bade him to bring out the jewel only when the backbenchers wanted him to go away, of which Fox has never informed to them.
  Just as was asked for at the end of his work left, the economic animal paradise has been happily coexisting with the political animal hell everafter.  
   左欄の憲法学泰斗の言い違いは、「隠すより露わる」 の歴史的好例で、記憶の古蔵に迷い込んでGHQ憲法草案69条を指して終い、初回衆院解散直前に 「衆議院を解散することは、天皇の権能である」 (朝日新聞 48/11/18 1面) と、手先官僚による改竄同条 (左欄 参考1) を駆使して、この国を今日に至るまでの迷路に導いた犯罪を自ら暴露したものである (本HP 「楽屋」 参照)。

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Dungeon Afire 天守炎上

  Our castle of democratic illusion is finally destined to fall now with a major newspaper left saying after another one bellow that Symbol Emperor and No Warring have been a means to save Late Emperor, and that another biggest one admitting that Premier's House breakup is nothing but Imperial Prerogative, which set fire to the dungeon standing alone after the double moats now flattened by the both newspapers.
  It must be a first priority for any Constitutional Amendment to correct such defects in it as are revealed above together with its Human rights twisted in Articles 11 and 12 in this gigantic fraud conspired by a group of bad losers including the two media.
  Is it really an act of a state, however, to let an Emperor's nominal declaration power pass for nearly a century as a real House breakup power secretly erased beforehand by its legitimate owner himself subsequently acting an adviser to Emperor for realizing this trick to change its limited power to an arbitrary one for keeping Imperial Prerogative ?
  Further, the work left is almost convincing, but there is nothing in it suggesting above trick, instead suggesting it is another trick set by its author and the newspaper collaborating to lay a smoke screen around the trick, when a suspect official in above was replaced with a then student who could not shout there like that.

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Confession 白状

  Even a child sees Imperial Prerogative is against People's sovereignty.

  Mr. Authority's assertion left is based on his intentional misreading (or "grasp" in the text) of a matter of state in Article 7 as a real power with an Imperial presinct, which is forbidden to Emperor under Article 4, and that is why he begged later to his pupils possibly including the editor in chief of this newspaper, to carry on with the contradicting two powers first-mentioned as evidenced hereabout.

  As you have led your media in revealing such rebellious tricks, you should give up whatever left behind to show your integrity to your nation now at a standstill against them.

  White lies by Mr. Authority's group must have been somewhat expedient as this HP so far maintained, especially in that our nation has been rather prosperous in spite of them.

  However, just as Prime Minister says at the end of the column left, there is no relation between Emperor System and Capitalism.

  Mr. Prime Minister, are you still sure of your House breakup power?



 泰斗氏の左欄の主張は、氏の憲法七条の意図的誤読 (記事の言う、「読み取り」) で国事を実権化する解散詔勅を前提にしており、天皇の政治関与を禁じた四条違反である。だからこそ、後に氏は、本紙主筆も多分含む学生たちに、冒頭の矛盾する両権との 「共存」 を懇願したと、本欄は証明してきた。

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Second Floor to Third 二階から三階へ

  A cool wind blew through this country yesterday when LDP secretary general proposed a female emperorship and the opposition leader accepted his possible female successor joking about him as a "bore", both men showing their calibers as top leaders.
  Looking down from this upper deck, you can easily find some weaker spots around the column left where the worst is our Contingent legislation review passing by every unlawful law until it gets caught red-handed. We cannot nip it in the bud under this system, thus fatally breaking down now our governability against Article 81 enabling a special court under an abstract legislation review system like Impeachment Court top left to check it.
  The other of our three major newspapers is, therefore, wrong in line with professors trying to keep House breakup not by Premier but by Cabinet in spite of British 2011 law now prohibiting it, while a judge has shown us what is constitutional under Article 9.
  See our reality through these loopholes set under our Charter by a bunch of bad losers to insinuate our prewar regime into People's sovereignty.
 一陣の涼風が昨日、この国を吹き抜けた。自由民主党幹事長が女性天皇を提案し、最大野党の民進党代表が彼を 「つまらない男」 と揶揄した女性後継者候補を受け流し、両指導者が共に器量の豊かさを示した。

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Trinity 三位一体

  A critic, a psychologist and a novelist together make a trinity as their excerpts arranged  in the left column, showing our source of mind, life and spirit in danger.                        

 Summer weeds over dreams of soldiers gone         Banana

  As this very source, a revisionist newspaper recently revealed Articles 1 and 9 were a mean to save the life of Late Emperor, while a pro-constitutional paper has just started confessing its involvement in our governmental crime of tampering Article 69 in the making to save his Prerogatives.

  The entire maze we are lost in now, therefore, including every major political dead end might automatically be behind us, when the newspapers could see their individual ways through.

  Paradoxically, the master key to it all is an emperor's optional in or out proposed by Prince Mikasa and Prince Akishino, and with Emperor's recent euphemism, can be our Holy Trinity on earth.



    夏草や 兵共が 夢の跡         芭蕉

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Witch Paper? 殿 新聞でござる

  With no followup seen after half a month, the latest reveal left only defines the face about of Janus as our media or another snake jumping on the head of Medusa as our Charter.
  So far so rightfully ambivalent for our Janus to reveal unlawful House-breakups and conceal their criminal origin.
                             If you owe your name to us
                             Probe, plovers
                             If my love is still alive
                                                             Ariwara no Narihira
  Professor is wrong when he says House can be dissolved under Article 69 without a cabinet stepdown, since there is no dissolver in it, while the newspaper is also lying in that it never tells the first dissolution under General took place only by evoking back a dissolver dissolved by a dissolver, let alone an actual dissolver revived as an adviser to Emperor under Article 7.
  Exciting must, however, be ourselves deadly unexcited in the face of this news.
  In short, a specter enhances specters.
        名にし負はば いざこと問はむ都鳥
                        わが思ふ人は   ありやなしやと 

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Eccentric Executive 奇妙な切れ者 

  It is funny to hear a topsy-turvy comment for our Premier Topsy-Turvy.
  It was all preposterous for a court to prefer what a later minister was for to what a premier making it had been against, when the court declared it was Administration's business in spite of its preference, subsequently jubilant Premier making it, or our absolute pacifism, into a military alliance.
  Further, our media never seem to stop this vicious cycle as shown in the column left.
  There is no other way than sooner amending our Chart to get our commonsense back on its right track from this insanity developing ever after its natal diagnosis by an MP, first opening Constitution Court following a recent timely proposition by Osaka Restoration Club.
  Preposterous really, but much more practicable isn't it for us now to choose which is better between Article 9 and JSDF, Article 69 original and Premier's arbitrary Diet breakup, and Article 1 and Emperor Ruling?
  This is a legacy atomic and anatomic needing our discretion and distinction in its distribution.

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Medusa 八岐大蛇

   In view of an analysis that the monster above meant flooding rivers in the region, the ones presently looming over our nation should be far more disastrous, and be as difficult for us to weigh them as our man-made one appeared a few years back outside Tokyo.
  Our common scales cannot so fathom their stupendous powers that our pair of ones  dwarfing us left seems to have already disappeared behind the greater ones emanating over the globe.   
  The track of it is, however, evident in the column showing three snakes biting at each other over their sole body, Constitution, under which one doubts Premier's Power (Ref. 1), while another is innocently positive of it (Ref. 2 first part), when the newspaper itself cheats us into it (Ref. 2 second part). First insinuates Premier into Article 69 whose breakup power doesn't involve him (Ref. 3), Second has no reason, and Third describes it as if it involves him.
   More correctly, it did involve him once, you see. First Breakup called back Premier's Power into it under Mac's Mediation soon after it was secretly made up without it. Political dead end further including JSDF and Contingent Supreme Court seen now shows the end of our faked consutitutional system.    
 証拠が、しかし、左欄冒頭記事後半に残り、三頭が互いに噛合っているが、これら三者は憲法と言う胴を共有し、無制限解散権を疑い (参考1)、憶面も無く肯定し (参考2前半)、或いは誤魔化し(参考2後半)ても、結局、一者は首相権限を69条に持ち込み (参考3)、二者は根拠無く、三者は一者の逆で、介在しない首相を介在するかのように表現 (参考2後半) する当新聞の常套手段である。

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Enigmatic Elitists ええ加減な偉いさん

  Who have been saying anything unpractised even in our supreme law, which should include Article 69 dead just after its birth, shall be irrelevant? Look at the top of the column left around its middle. Professor introducing U.K. 2011 Law repeats the match-pump farce his seniors played in making the article.
  Do it, Professors. On your initiative, just replace it with its original as your senior tamperer later advised to.
  You would be much fairer for your country now held at bay if you could resort to Article 69 original under Separation of Three Powers obvious for any modern polities than you keep running as usual for the criminal rulers with it cooked under a similar pretext. (See my HP "Nation Faked" B05)
  Is it possible, by the way, to correct such illegal institutions as JSDF, Premier's House Breakup and Contingent Supreme Court without revising Constitution?   
   A showdown is imminent, and we may again counteract poison with poison containing  Professor's Issue Game.
  Further, Majority 15 vs.Total 81 analyzed by him tells us how our bourgeois system is fraudulent. Nationwide constituency under computerization starts our representative democracy.
  誰が言ってきたか、憲法でも、(六十九条は生れて間も無く絞め殺されたが) 履行されないなら、問題外だと。左欄冒頭記事の教授は、英国の2011年法を紹介し、彼の先輩たちが同条改竄で犯したマッチポンプ茶番劇を再演する。

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Seven Samurais 七人の侍

  You miss one on the platform while other six are in a row before media cameras yesterday.
  The absent trickster or Minister of Home Affairs must have been busy comtemplating how to further keep them under their tacit consent that the both sides should avoid referring to possible draft for new 18-year-old adults.
  What else can be a reason why it should be called for at this complex time in spite of Premier's feigned denials of it due to Supreme Law, which, however, Premier One-man used to refer to for our principle of no weaponry, letting it be part of Article 9 in Diet in its making.
  Instead of merely complaining about her comment echoing her superior's quibble winning a similar case, such samurais could have been more powerful if they had had a Constitution Court, which they cannot help passing by ever since they neglected it together with Premier's House Breakup Limited.
  Our postwar media preferred the sensationalism in the breakup power thus unlimited to anything else in cooperation with the ruling group trying to keep Emperor System in our new charter, only to make the samurais suffer, this time, from the spittles it spat up heaven.   
 強弁で勝訴した上司に迎合する彼女に不平を鳴らすだけの侍たちも、憲法裁判所があれば (左欄十書程下 「違憲審査制の研究」 並河論文参照) 立場が違っていたが、それを首相制限衆院解散権と共に闇に葬るのを見逃したのがマスコミだ。

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Et Tu お前もか

  As is told in the column top left, it was about three fourths a century ago when Emperor Showa was so anxious about the leftist impact from abroad that he asked General MacArthur to keep Okinawa occupied semipermanent, while Premier Shidehara was, in his memo referred to in my HP top, saying the impacting powers would sooner or later be fading away from the world history.
  Which do you now think such evil winds have been impacting our islands from? From East, or from West? Mostly not from East but from the east beyond the Pacific according to the evidential work at the top in the said column.
  Just as the official in charge of the twisting of our new charter at that time excused himself from it (See my HP column Backstage) that it was in good faith for them because of our former one after UK's, it may also have been in good faith for our rulers to be wrong in doing almost everything including Premier Abe's bundle of security laws this time because of it as the very root of such. 
  The more we advance, the nearer would there be a shipwreck of us on board a drifting flattop Unsinkable with the wrong chart which even the author top left so enlightening us somehow never speaks about.
 当時、新憲法を歪曲した官僚が、この歪曲が英国流の旧憲法下で善意で行われたと言訳 (当HP 「楽屋」 参照) したと同様に、わが統治者連が、今回の安倍首相による安全保障諸法も含めて、何をしても殆ど間違って来たのも、この善意からかも知れないが、この歪曲が全ての元にある。

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Three Monkeys 三猿 

  A monkey covering his eyes cannot see Yomiuri's article carried a few dozens of lines bellow in the left column that suggests Article 9 was conjured up by our premier and our occupier as a stopgap measure to save our emperor's life.
  A monkey covering his ears cannot hear our premier's shout in Diet that Article 9 forbids our self-defense right itself.
  A monkey covering his mouth cannot say in spite of his free speech policy that the two historic facts above shall always be our indispensable premise in discussing it.
  What the dumb one most appreciates the blind one is the head of the above-mentioned  coin the latter magically stripped off its tail so that it is worthwhile for the former to spare a full page for his idea, especially when it is, as he admits, most unlikely to come true.
  Behind their put-up affair above, they are commonly trying to hide our Eemperor's old Prelogatives allegedly in Article 69 so twisted in its making that they would, as the deaf one puts it, be further lasting and stable as a reliable legacy from their sinister siniors.

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69th 69th ロックでもないロック

   In spite of their assertions top left, one, as a political scientist, cannot be unaware of Article 69 as a 69-year-old downright lie, while the other, as an economist, should not forget how much JSDF has so far spent for weaponry. Impossible was not our separation of three powers but its deforming in its making, and unrealistic is not our war hatred but our military under Article 9.
  Now, what exactly can you imagine is the newspaper left going after for the late emperor if our sovereign power is, as it maintains, with us intact? After our security laws were railroaded by the preposterous through Diet, it is really precarious, sparing no time for us to refer it back to its 69-year-old birthday, don't you think? Maybe it is a sort of a criminal loitering around the scene.
  As I pointed out in the article below, it is most probable that Symbolic emperor and Article 9 are the head and tail of a coin, and our absurd situation now as the ruin of Article 69 tampered with by our government itself in its making to deceive Allied occupying forces comes from those who have, under their hidden agony just seen vaguely now, been pretending  not to see the treasonous crime by our officials in charge of the constitutionalization itself, even after they have later confessed their crime in their own works publicised.


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Pro and Con  護憲と改憲

 A proconstitutional newspaper has been carrying an evening paper feature "Newspaper and Article 9" except weekends for half an year now, not mentioning "Shidehara Memo" at all, while the contraconstitutional biggest paper quoted the hearsay memo's "Scheme" to evade Allies prosecuting Emperor for his war responsibility by way of a system "Symbolic emperor and War-denouncement" a collaboration made into Article 9 by Premier Shidehara and General MacArthur.
 The gap between the two conceals their plot tampering Article 69 in cooperation with the then ruling Liberal Party or the original LDP, whose preposterousness is naturally attracting Abekobe government.
 Of cource, however cunning it may be, the former paper cannot help often mentioning the two bosses and the scheme in the feature, but has a reason why it avoids telling any tiny truth, even like the latter paper's scheme bit in it.
 According to this memo written by his secretary, the premier proposed to the general the scheme or system in trying to find an eternal way out of a fatal situation of not only his emperor and state but also world peace at large to be heartily accepted by the general..(See Shidehara's "Diplomat's 50 Years" left)
 Now, the gap between the two reflects their respective standpoints clearly, since the former maintains its "No war under JSDF" policy, to be contradictory to him, whereas the latter sticks to its "Military JSDF", to see nothing but a means to save Him in him, and this is the reason why one never tells the memo when another refers to it rather hesitantly.
 Further more, they are so guilty-conscious of Article 69 faked by them that they can not help beating around the bush time and again like their features just like this time, not to discover but to cover up anything suspicious of the fake. There is something under the dust caused by their beating. JSDF is an army and an emperor dissoving Diet is a ruler, aren't they?

 この、秘書が残したメモに拠れば、首相は元帥に象徴天皇と戦争放棄を提案し、天皇と祖国のみならず世界平和をも恒久的に保全しようと、まさに死中に活を求め、これを元帥は快諾した。(左欄の幣原著 「外交五十年」 参照)

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Eye Wax or Nose Wax 目糞か、鼻糞か

 A professor togeter with other two says in Diet a premier's defense bills now under consideration in it are unconstitutional while the latter says they aren' t, but in view of the fact that the former used to say from Tokyo University Self-Defense Forces were constitutional, the pretty pass is a premodern comedy titled "Alike Like Two Peas"
  It's premodern because the persons involved are descendants of big shots bloodily or academically.
  It is yet to know whether Self Defense Forces are constitutional or not as Supreme Court has illegally been avoiding to finalize it, but the Japanese knew they were against Article 9 even for its maker government, and the conflict this time owing to the grandchild pupil's betrayal of the teacher, who was the monster taking command of the postwar academia of constitution as a leading member of its making, secretly tampering with Article 69 for keeping old Emperor's Prerogative intact, saying, nonetheless, Article 9 denounces the nation's right of self-defense itself, has been part of this homepage's tragicomical theme to evidence.

  大学教授が国会で、他大の2教授と声を合わせて、首相の防衛関連諸法案は違憲と証言するのに、首相は合憲と言い張るが、この教授は、東京大学.に居た頃、自衛隊は合憲と主張しているから、両者は国会と言う大舞台で、”目糞、鼻糞を嘲う” と題して、前近代的な喜劇を共演中なのである。

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Democracy or Autocracy 民主と僭主

  Our Imperial Couple prayed for the war dead offering white chrysanthemums to them on Peleliu Island in the West Pacific.,
  The act exactly symbolizes his dubious status under our Constitution, which avoided his father's Head status and further our warring right to reinforce this attempt lest he should be called to account for his war-time responsibility (See "Yomiuri" August 2014 & Sumimoto's "Occupation" left).
  Accordingly, our Constitution is essentially a lie to be thoroughly corrected with an episode in our minds.
  When Her Majesty the Empress replied to the chamberlain, "Certainly, sir," the Oriental monarch alone was enjoying his freedom, the very base of humanity, swallowing our total devotioin to him aware of it as a social constraint (See p162, Izutsu's "Emperor Hirohito" left). As Prince Mikasa pointed out, abdication shall be free under basic human rights (p257) for modernizing Japan..
  A monarch constitutionally nowhere is an autocrat.   

  両陛下が西太平洋はペリリュ島で戦没者に白菊を手向けて慰霊したが、この行為は唯一者の憲法上の曖昧な立場を将に象徴しており、先帝が戦時の責任を問われないように憲法で元首規定を廃し、この企図を補強する為に交戦権をも廃した結果である。(左欄 「読売新聞縮刷版 2014/08」及び住本 「占領秘録」 参照)
 「仰せのとおりに」 と皇后陛下が侍従次長に応じた時、わが東洋の君主のみが、我々の滅私奉公は甘受しながも、このような社会的強制に自覚的な、人間性に基づく自由を享楽していたのだ。(左欄数段目の井筒 「昭和天皇」 162頁)。 三笠宮が 「譲位を認めないのは人権に反する」 と指摘した (257頁)通りで、日本の近代化は、ここから始めねばならない。




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War and Peace 戦争と平和

  In spite of their excellent summing up, Yomiuri Special left coincides with its Editor-in-chief's essay "My Yasukuni" (Bunshun September) in totally ignoring the fatal plot in our Constitution (Article 69) in the making, In other words, People's Sovereignty denies Emperor's Theocracy in the former, while a private accuses Reign of Terror in the latter, both only to cover up, as a feint operation, this postwar national scandal.
  The plot (See Paragraph "Plot", "Nation Faked" in my HP Menu; "YS 36th" left catches Yomiuri red-handed in the fraud) allows Emperor to break up Diet freely as in his Imperial Prerogative, and this biggest media group as well has revived Original 69 (2nd paragraph, Article 77, Yomiuri Draft 3/11/2004) to confess its involvement in the plot, giving further the said arbitrary power to future premiers (Paragraph 1) to make them tyrants after post war national symbols through this coup d' état.
  Towards the last paragraph left, Yomiuri suggests British sovereign Queen can forget to rule, but Japanese nominal Emperor cannot reign nor rule. In spite of this difference, our Privy Councillor General hastily thought a war-denouncing constitution would secure our old national polity (See First paragraph, Sumimoto's book left) because of a hearsay memo he must have read as true (Paragraph 2, Yomiuri) , much to our pacifists' disillusion.           

 左欄の読売新聞の特集記事は、その主筆による随想 「体験的靖国論」 (文春九月号) と共に、優れた総括ではあるが、制憲時に六十九条に仕組まれた致命的改竄を完全に無視する点でも、共通する。 換言すれば、前者の初項が国民主権で神権主義を否定するのも、後者が二等兵の立場から恐怖統治を糾弾するのも、この戦後の国民的愚行を隠蔽する為の、肉を切らせて骨を切る詐術なのだ。
 この陰謀 (当 HP Menu  より 「偽装国家」 欄の 「陰謀」 項参照) は天皇大権としての無制限の国会解散権を現在に齎したが、この最大マスコミも、今や前記条規を原案に戻し (2004/11/3 読売改憲案 77条2項; 左欄末尾の 「読特 36回」 は、この詐欺への読売の連座)、 かの陰謀に加担してきたことを白状したにも拘わらず、この大権を更に将来の首相に横流しする (同条1項) のは、これで僭王を仕立て、戦後の国家象徴の地位を襲わせるクーデタではないか。 
 左欄 「読売」 が末尾近くで示唆するように、英国女王は主権者なので君臨しながら統治しないでも済むが、わが天皇は名目上の君主なので君臨も統治も出来ない。この差異に気付かず、わが枢密院議長が憲法で戦争放棄すれば旧国体が保全されると即断しだ(左欄 「占領秘録」 初項参照) のは、伝聞メモの内容 (「読売」 次項) を信じたからで、九条信奉者は白けることだ。

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To Be, or Not To Be 伸るか反るか

  As PM declares Article 9 tolerates collective defence our Constitution is all titular,  an opposition party leader, who was once a ruling party secretary general, laments.
  The extraordinary showdown ultimately epitomizes our Fraudulent Rule ever after WW II.
  In Sumimoto's work left, our first Constitutionalization Minister tries to hide our political power behind the vast and boundless clouds of our Absolute Monarchism in persuading a Privy Councilor, or a former Public Procecutor General and a Supreme Court Chief Justice, but it is a gesture in that the absolutism is denied by Emperor's Humanity Declaration and Article 1 stipulates People's Sovereign with no room for a monarch but for a nominal one.
(See  "Origin of Symbol Emperor," p25, the biggest paper 23/8/2014)
  After our old imperialism kept intact by Article 7 through a plot on our charter in the making, however, his finishing touch on it this time by way of misreading Article 9 as a military pact completes, along with our basic human rights sooner turned to a bunch of duty, Abe's preposterous mix of three arrows all now shot out at us from behind our charter, as all evidenced so far hereby.
  A specter haunts.
 左欄の 「占領秘録」 で初代制憲相は、絶対君主権の広大無辺で国民の政治実権を相対化して、検事総長や大審院長を歴任した枢密顧問官を説得しようとしているが、これは社交辞令で、絶対制は天皇の人間宣言で否定され、憲法1条は国民主権を明記、この国に君主は名目的にしか存在し得ない。(最大紙 2014/8/23 特集 「昭和時代」 の 「象徴天皇の誕生」 参照)

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Figure Head and Human Right 象徴君主と基本人権

  Our Tennoh system is discriminating, but our sovereign People generally want it, to let him be "the symbol of the state and of the unity of the people (Art. 1)", the concerned human right (Art. 14) necessarily giving way to this "will of the people."
  Under the people's sovereign, however, there shall be no monarch (See the last sentence in Hasegawa's work left), and he and his family shall be members of our people, as they drop on our land from the clouds thrown into by the egalitarian Koyano left, to claim their humanity and human right.
  Our republicans are so illogical when they want a queen as a next, to improve the initial discrimination that the author of this book is logical when he wants our symbol emperor to be our real monarch, reversely to change it for the worse, does he mean?
  A symbol emperor, who has given up his absolute title according to Potsdam Declaration and the will of his people, is like a retired president, who goes everafter by the title in honor of his past reign, isn't he?
  Actually, however, Japan is not so much under a constitutional monarch as under a constitutional usurper, as you see in here.
  By the way, the paradoxist overleapt himself further by taking an abbey for a cathedral and an exile for an exiler in his reversing habit.    

 わが天皇制は差別であるが、主権者国民が、「天皇は日本国の象徴であり日本国民統合の象徴」 であるとして、この制度を 「総意」 で支持する (憲法1条) 以上、これに法の前の平等 (14条) は譲歩せざるを得ない。
 しかし、国民が主権者であるから, この主権者に君臨する者など在り得ず (左欄の長谷川の著書の末尾文を参照)、天皇も皇族も、左欄の小谷野のように差別を難じながら一家を雲上に聖別しても、この国土に自ら天下って人間宣言するからには、日本国民であり、各々に人権も保障されねばならない。


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Separation of Living God and State 現御神と国家の分離

  In Hasegawa's work left, "divine" is God or a god, and a "Living god" was most adequate  there because Potsdam Declaration was to eliminate our "world conquest power led by him as Generalissimo."
  In order to save his life here, it was a must for Premier Shidehara to alienate him as a mere man, by his own renouncing of "the false conception that he is divine," from oversea aggressions caused by his military in their "divine" wars just ended a few months earlier.
  Further, Meiji Charter Oath was put in to his Humanity Edict to reinforce his original democratic nature ready to abide by democratic requirements from Allies.
   In putting his first attention thus to our future task and only "secondary importance" to his own divinity problem, he manifested his caliber and unselfishness as a leader.
  In spite of its People's sovereignty, however, Japn is a constitutional monarch with its "human" figure-head, whose old imperial prerogatives are largely kept through a series of illegal tricks set in, by an LDP-led group, to our supreme charter, as so far evidenced around this column.
  With his "Living god" status restored as this book intends to, you will face "Divine Japan" again.
  Terrific, isn't it?


 左欄の長谷川の著作で、「神性」 なのは絶対神とも、その他の神とも言えるが、「現御神」 が適訳だったのはポツダム宣言が、この 「神が大元帥として率いた世界征服勢力」 の根絶を目指していたからで、わが敗戦の僅か数箇月後の当時、幣原首相にとって、天皇の一命を全うするには、「天皇を以て現御神とする架空なる観念」 を天皇自らが否定し、これにより 「人間」 天皇が帝国軍隊の 「聖」 戦による海外侵略から引き離されることが、是非とも必要だった。
 尚、先帝が五箇条誓文を人間宣言に加えたのは、わが帝室が元から民主的性格を持ち、戦勝連合国による民主化要求に即応する用意があることを示し、これで先の人間宣言を補強したのだが、その際、わが国の将来課題を最重要視して、自らの人間宣言を 「二の問題」 としたので、はからずも帝の指導者としての器量と無私の人柄が鮮明になった。
 本書が企図する 「現御神」 の再臨は、「神国日本」の復活である。



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Symbol or Ruler 象徴か、君主か

  The world-biggest newspaper carries (27/5/12) a morning column at its page 13's top left corner, saying important is not figures scattered around our plolitical scenes but our Tennoh System, no matter it is symbolic or sovereign, as One-man Premier allegedly put it.

  This is, however, a latest attempt to lay down a smoke screen around it kept till now, in that the columnist leaves us with thus-obscured impression of our national polity behind, when the then-premier with his conspirators managed to keep it sovereign disguised as symbolic, as evidenced here around.

 世界最大紙 (12/5/27) が、13面の左最上段掲載の朝刊コラムで、重要なのは政局シーンで撒き散らされる数字ではなく、天皇制であると主張、この重要性は象徴であれ、君主であれ、変わらないとワンマン首相も言ったと、補足した。


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Mystery of Plovers Moat 34 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 34

  As is evidenced to a jurist in the column left, Imperial House Law in violation of Constitution (Article 14) best symbolizes our national stalemate in that it was so built in a postwar restoration plotted by our straggling leaders, now driving Imperial family into a corner ultimately that they can, as far as this column has analyzed, not help ignoring the human rights of our most historic family who even declare itself human, only to hide their obsolete conspiracy to emasuculate our supreme law.
  Our mass media must be most responsible for making the family a victim of their undue favor in such a way, when they all turn to oysters well knowing this constitutional offense to be a tip of an iceberg, in spite of themselves always trumpeting anything true or false.
  Under such a national crisis, I wonder why our pessimistic philosopher shouldn't be a bit interested in this direction if he really finds it meaningful to continue his "microscopic" attack (See Nakajima's "Your Life" left), not even to get a foreign author's telescopic "Faculty X" (Wilson's "The Occult" left). 


 左欄で憲法学者に論証した通り、憲法 (14条)違反の皇室典範ほど、わが国の行き詰りを象徴するものは無いが、この敗残支配層が企てた戦後復古陰謀が今や裏目に出た皇室の窮状は、本欄が解明した限り、わが支配層が、己が陰謀を隠蔽する為に、せっかく人間宣言までした最も由緒ある一族の人権を蹂躙してまで、憲法違反の旧弊に執着せざるを得ないからだ。
 この国難に際し、わが悲観主義哲学者も、その 「顕微鏡的」 論難に何らかの意義を認める以上 (左欄、中島 著 「人生」 参照)、異国作家の望遠鏡的 「X機能」 (左欄、ウイルソン 著 「オカルト」) と迄は言わないから、こちら位は向いても良くはないか。


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Mystery of Plovers Moat 33 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 33

  Isn't the front page column in my morning newspaper (8th) a sleek excuse for my latest accusation of  "Misjudgement of the century" against its report on our first House breakup?
  Joking aside, there is no comparison between the misunderstanding by such mass media and the beautifully wrong refereeings in the column because of our ever-lasting sufferings only from the former.
  By the way, why don't you check your newspaper (9th) if it carries Chief Cabinet Secretary bluffing at his debut on air that they would take the initiative in translating Constitution? Mine carries nothing like that as a proof of our latest sufferings mentioned.
he largest paper advocating a constitutional reform does so (center, p3) alright, only to confirm, like its peers, the gone cabinet policy of such an acuter political initiative, which seems to be regarded as a fait accompli by my paper (See MPM 26 herein) thus going too far ahead of others in fixing it as our latest national practice.
  Our long-time governmental practice as the base of such a recent political issue is, however, wrong ever after it was established as a supreme court precedent (Sunagawa case: 16/12/59) in that as the minority opinion (Tomatsu's "Constitutional Precedents" left, pp 10 & 11) testifies neatly, there is no need for Judicature to leave alone other wings of Three powers at whatsoever work when they are together handling one and the same Sovereignty from their own sides.
  As any matter here is to be rectified according to Constitution, it is so natural for it with different decisions beforehand from its both or more sides, and the majority opinion at the court is totally groundless.
  Thus, our Judicature misused a shade of meaning to throw away its accountability, while our late Emperor used it to keep his non-accountability too heavy to break in answering his war responsibility at his retrospective interview. How different!
  Stop calling white black to start things anew.


 わが新聞の朝刊一面コラム (8日) は、初回衆院解散を巡り当紙が 「世紀の誤審」 を犯したとする本欄前回の非難からの、
  ところで、あなたの朝刊 (9日) は新内閣官房長官が憲法解釈には政治主導で臨むと第一声で嘯いていたのを報じていようか。わが新聞は全てを隠し、この国難を現に論より証拠で示している。
 さすがに憲法改正を標榜する最大紙は、これを大きく報じて (3頁、中央) 筋を通しているが、所詮は僚紙同様、前内閣により更に先鋭化された当政治主導を追認する為で、これを、わが購読紙は
既成事実として新たな国策扱いする御先棒を担いだ訳だ (当欄、「怪26」)。
 この国策上の最近の難題は、しかし、既に長年に亙った政治慣行の延長問題に過ぎず、全てが判例 (左欄、戸松 著 「憲法判例」、8-10頁: 砂川事件上告審: 59/12/16) に従ったが故の間違いである。その理由は、この最高裁判決に際しての少数意見 (同前、10-11頁)

  http://blog.livedoor.jp/gmt3323  (千鳥ヶ淵異聞)  

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Mystery of Plovers Moat 32 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 32

  Compare two historic comments in newspapers left with another in the third paper a bit below them, to see how our leading paper led others by its comment proved totally wrong (See "MPM 29" herein) in concluding a national conspiracy successfully at the first House breakup (23/12/48) under our new Constitution.
  To sum the whole plot up without repeating its secret so far exposed herein, our monster must have led it all under the foreign minister-turned prime minister in the process with a leftist ruffian and a quibbler bureaucrat shown left as their rear.
  The bureaucrat' s notorious sophism aside, the leftist's similar notion is so apologetic that you can't help realizing its extra-constitutional nature. A principle is not always a reality, you see.
  With our monster's version (8/11/48) dominating the situation, all the three papers most responsible for causing the morale lost their common ground when the monster's first henchman revealed, 1976, in his memoir (Irie's "Constitutionalization" p233, left) that they unlawfully ("MPMs 21 & 27" herein) changed Article 69's active voice into a passive so that it would be in harmony with Article 7-3's Imperial Prerogative after the British against GHQ's intention, leaving alone our bureaucrat who left such a transcendental remark in the constitutionalization Diet (Peers'; 26/8/46) as its minister in charge, "People's Sovereignty latent in the past is now emerging to change essentially nothing." in that mass media led by such papers dared to ignore ("Book Reviews 1976" left, p105) our henchman's confession.  


  左欄2紙上の歴史的見解表明を少々下方の別紙のと比較すれば、一紙が全くの間違いと分かった (当欄、「怪29」 参照) 意見で他紙を先導し、わが国家的謀略を新憲法下初の衆院解散 (48/12/23) で成功させた次第が読める。
 かくて、わが怪物の解散権解釈 (48/11/8) による状況
支配の雰囲気作りに最大の責任がある三大紙共通の立場が根底から崩壊したのは、怪物のトリオの一員が1976年に遺著(左欄、入江 著 「憲法成立」 233頁)で、69条に不法 (当欄、怪21及び27) に受動態を導入、GHQの意図に反し英国流を真似て、7-3条の天皇大権との釣り合いを計ったと告白したからで、これを三紙を始めマスコミは敢えて無視 (左欄、「書評年報 1976」、105頁) する自殺行為に及び、地口屋が制憲議会 (貴族院; 46/8/26) で担当相として 「国民主権は、過去には潜在的だったが将来は顕在化するだけで、本質的変化は無い」 などと超絶的迷句を弄したのも逆夢となった。
 http://blog.livedoor.jp/gmt3323 (千鳥ヶ淵異聞)

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Mystery of Plovers Moat 31 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 31

  A bolter from LDP is essentially wrong when he says in this morning paper (Feature "Opinion") what his fellow runaway says is not essential because the provision is essentially for our head of state as he implies in spite of his actual status of our symbol improvised by Mac for him to get rid of his imminent execution. Hence, the matter is not nominal as he maintains but is substantial as our symbol shall not play our head of state.
  It is tricky because the gap between the two functions is so narrow that you may easily mistake one for the other just as a judge submitted a status of our head to our symbolic Emperor in handing down his verdict to mislead House Breakup Power to Cabinet (See Miyazawa's "Constitution" p534, left).
  Hence, a Privy Councillor's grandson is more reasonable than an eminent writer's in deserting their sinking boat hit by a statesman's wearing the power, but you have no time for idling their Mayday.


 自民党脱党者が、けさの新聞 ("Opinion" 欄) で同輩脱党者の主張を本質的でないと評したのが本質的に間違いなのは、この条規が、本質的には彼が主張する通りに元首の国事行為であるのに、実はマ将軍が切迫する元首の危機を彼を象徴に変える機転で避けたことによるからだ。即ち、問題は彼の主張するような言葉の綾ではなく実質を伴っており、象徴は元首の役を演じてはならないのだ。
 そこが微妙なのだが、この二つの役柄は紙一重の所があり、下手をすると取り違えて、あの裁判官のように、象徴天皇に元首の地位を奉呈して、衆院解散権が内閣に漂着することにもなる(左欄、宮沢著 「日本国憲法」 534頁参照)。
 http://blog.livedoor.jp/gmt3323 (千鳥ヶ淵異聞)

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Mystery of Plovers Moat 30 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 30

  Thus, Premier's House Breakup under Article 7-3 as a core of our greatest conspiracy was denied by its leader himself theoretically after it had been firmly institutionalized in our society, but we have no effective means to correct this national wrongdoing owing to our incompetent judicial system. You may remember now a former judge lamenting, "We are not in a constitutional country." at the start of our unconstitutional people's court. (See "M16" end herein)
  Supreme Court shall determine the constitutionality of any (and every) law (Article 81), not through its current incidental review invalid for a new law getting valid unchecked but through an abstract one with its own organ "beyond the scope of courts" if necessary.
(Miyazawa's "Constitutional Lecture" left)
  Finally, every Japanese including Imperial family shall enjoy basic human rights in spite of our monster's "worry" (Miyazawa's "Principles of Constitution" left) or his guardian theorist's "sanctuary"(Hasebe's "Law & Peace", left).
  American civil rights movement changed the racial prejudice to be ruled by Obama (Gasset's "Mass Rebellion" left), while our late Emperor declaring his humanity failed to change his theocracy due to a restorative attempt by his loyal subjects (Nakamura's "Japanese Culture" left), human rights were the common test on both sides though.         


 かくて未曾有の陰謀の核心たる憲法7-3条による首相衆院解散権は、この陰謀の主導者自身が理論的には否定したが、わが社会で同条解散権は制度化しており、この国家的過誤を是正する効果的手段は無能な司法制度の所為で無い。ここで違憲の裁判員制度発足時に元判事が 「これは法治国ではない」 と嘆いたのを思い出す向きもあろう。(当欄、「怪16」 末尾参照)
 最高裁は、一切の (例外なく) 法律の合憲性を審査する (81条) のだから、違憲の新法施行を未然に阻止出来ない現行の付随審査でなく、いわゆる抽象的審査を、必要なら 「裁判の範疇外」 の
憲法院を制定して、行なう必要がある。(左欄、宮沢 著 「憲法講話」)
 終わりに、すべての日本人が基本的人権を享受すべきであり、これは皇族も例外とせず、わが怪物の 「心配」 (左欄、宮沢 著 「憲法の原理」) や彼の守護理論家の 「飛び地」 説(左欄、長谷部 著 「憲法と平和」) は論外である。
 米国の公民権運動は人種偏見を変えてオバマ大統領を生み (左欄、オルテガ 著 「大衆の反逆」)、わが先帝は人間だと宣言したのに忠臣の復古陰謀で神権政治を変えられなかった (左欄、中村 著「日本文化」)が、彼我共に試金石は人権だった。

  http://blog.livedoor.jp/gmt3323 (千鳥ヶ淵異聞)

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Mystery of Plovers Moat 29 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 29

  In his posthumous work (See Irie's "Constitutionalization (1976)" p498, left), the very person in charge throughout of this conspiratorial process remarks Premier's House Breakup should be basing on Article 69 only, which was already suggested in the pair of textbooks (M23/last paragraph, herein) in their sneaking return to Mac original.
  Watch your steps! They mean "someday". It is almost chronic for our leaders to die hard like with such other rubbish as LDP jumping ("3 pairs of double standards," LDP Quiz end, HP), our newspaper's inconsistent editorial ("Amazement" 22/05/07, herein) or a former governor's double tongues ("M18" end herein) recently. The matter never changes until you revise Article 69 actually.
  Furthermore, the first opinion above was not even mentioned by a sole critic reviewing the great writing on the wall in a yearbook ("Book Reviews 1976" left) to evidence how mass media and all were hiding it from you, and such an worldly topic must have been irrelevant to our contitutionalist in today's newspaper (Feature "PRC") declaring from his ivory tower, "Any constitutional provision not practised now is irrelevant" (Hasebe's "Constitutional Boundaries" p16, left).


 この謀略の一貫した主導者自身が、その遺著 (左欄、入江 著 「憲法成立経緯 (1976)」 498頁参照) で、解散権は将来は69条に限るべきだと宣うたが、これは、かの双璧書のGHQ案への忍び足の復帰 (当欄、「怪23」 末尾段落) を後追いしたに過ぎない。
 ご用心。彼等は 「そのうちに」 と言っているのだ。わが支配層の二枚腰は、これに劣らぬ自民党の憲法食い逃げ (フロントより 「ジミンクイズ」 末尾の
三組の二重基準)、あの新聞の前後矛盾社説 (当欄、「仰天 07/05/22」)、近頃では元知事の二枚舌 (当欄、「怪18」末尾) などでも、殆ど病的である。問題は69条を元に戻すまで変らない。
 更に、冒頭の意見には、この警世の大著刊行年度の唯一の書評 (左欄、「書評年報 1976」中、「週間読書人」上) さえ言及もせず、以ってマスコミなどの隠匿姿勢が読めるが、こんな世知辛い話は、けさの新聞 (特集「PRC」)の憲法学者には意味が無いだろう。なにしろ、この東大教授には、「現に実践されていない憲法典の文面は、、意味のない存在」(左欄、長谷部 著 「憲法の境界」 16頁)なのだから。

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Mystery of Plovers Moat 28 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 28

  The secret mission was accomplished when the House of Representatives was dissolved on December 23, 1948 under Articles 7-3 and 69, Tokyo District Court ruling it constitutional on October 19, 1953 to establish it as a precedent (See Miyazawa's "Constititution of Japan" p534, left) devastating our nation ever after.
  Can you believe the dissolution happily "put up" (Ishikawa's "Postwar Politics", left) by the parties was totally impossible either their way or our way, since Article 69 had no such power for them without the grammatical agent and neither Article 7-3 had anything for us with the nominal agent, our three major newspapers, nevertheless, applauding the farce ("Reporter's Seat" Asahi 16/11/48, left) in unison.
  Your laughter over the piece would, however, be freezing the moment you realize it was a reborn Imperialism at the sacrifice of Hiroshima and all that was again going to rule you. Was GHQ so innocent at this juncture as to know nothing about our trio's trick, by the way?
  Foreign Minister should dig here as well. I suspect our side might have forced GHQ then into agreeing to our modest British-style monarchism (Irie's "Constitutionlization" p233, left) in fear of costly unrest otherwise.


 この秘密使命は、衆院が1948年12月23日に憲法7-3及び69条により解散、これが東京地裁で1953年10月19日に合憲となって達成され、この判例 (左欄、宮沢 著 「全訂 日本国憲法」 534頁参照) は今日まで我が国を蹂躙してきた。
 この彼我 「馴れ合い」 (左欄、石川 著 「戦後政治史」)で目出度く収めた解散が、どちらにも実は有り得ぬ
のは、GHQが依拠した69条は文法上の動作主を失い、他方の我が政府の7-3条は形式的な行為者だから、共に解散権とは無関係な所為だが、わが三大紙が挙って、この茶番に喝采 (左欄、朝日新聞 48/11/16 「国会記者席」) したのには呆れる。
 外務大臣は、ここも探ってみるべきだ。これは、イギリス流の君主権(左欄、入江 著 「憲法成立経緯」 233頁) くらいは認めないと反発で高くつくぞ、と我が方がGHQを脅した結果かも知れないのだ。

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Mystery of Plovers Moat 27 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 27

  Why did our jurist trio leave an active voice untranslated until submitting the draft constitution in Japanese (ST doc 41, NDL) to Cabinet on March 5, 1946, even after obtaining GHQ approval on their plan to change it in the original (40 in Japanese) into a passive in the preceding overnight discussion?
  As our person in charge in the process later revealed involuntarily in his memoir (Irie's "Constitutionalization" p233, left), it was the first step for them to pursue their secret mission against Potsdam Declaration.
  In Article 65 (69 now), there is no difference between "unless it dissolves the House (doc 40)" and "unless the House is dissolved (41) as long as "it" is so obviously Cabinet that GHQ with the former throughout agrees to our change of voice, but there is as long as "it" is not so certain that it agrees with Emperor in Article 7-3 for our trio.
  Just as our leader in the mutual discussion was cunning enough to tell his staff to so translate Mac original word for word into Japanese as to leave room for adjusting it later, they preferred to pass the verbal approval intact to Cabinet next day rather than put it down then and there in the draft so that their first step just achieved would not be thwarted by any outsider spotting their gimmick. Our Cabinet dared to commit a crime (See M21 herein) for this!


  なぜ、わが法律家トリオは、1946年3月5日に和訳憲法草案 (国立国会図書館、佐藤達夫文書41) を閣議に提出する迄、直前の徹夜討議で英文草案 (和訳: 同40) 中の一個の能動態を受動態に変更すると言う一味の計画にGHQの同意を取付けていながら、この変更を実行しなかったのだろうか。
 この現場責任者が後日に言外に洩らした (左欄、入江 著 「憲法制定の経緯」 233頁) が、これは一味がポツダム宣言に反する秘密使命を遂行する上での第一歩だったのである。

 草案65 (現69)条で、「内閣は衆院を解散しない限り (40)」 と 「衆院が解散されない限り(41)」 の間には差が無く、後者の動作主が内閣だと想定出来るのでGHQは、一貫して前者の立場から、わが方の受動態に同意したが、わがトリオには差が有り、これでは動作主が、確実には想定出来ないので、7条3項の天皇となる。
 この両者討議で我が方は翻訳者に逐語訳を指示し、後日の修正の余地を残す抜け目の無さだったが、ここでも一味はGHQの口頭同意を現場では文書にしないで翌日の閣議に持ち込み、局外者が一味の企みに気付いて確保したばかりの布石に邪魔が入るのを防いだのだ。この為に内閣は自ら刑法を犯す (当欄 「怪
21」 参照) ことも厭わなかった。

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Mystery of Plovers Moat 26 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 26

  A terminal cancer is fatal, and so is your nation. A brake is broken. TOYOTA president apologizes, but nobody in our recent topics does, including a former president of Tokyo University in the newspaper (Opinion "DPJ Stalled" 5/2). In the end, it's not the end of the world for them, you see.
  Strangely they all miss a very base of their opinions, which isn't ignorable, or taken for granted, for any well-grounded arguments here. Guess what it is. No other than a series of Supreme Court precedents, which says in effect "Power to rule such a sovereign matter as Security Treaty, JSDF or Diet breakup isn't for Judicature but for Cabinet, Diet and People ultimately," to cause their stampede.
  Our Tokyo University jurist earlier set them on to take advantage of it by joking in his book, "Now, everything's possible," while its former president lately bothered to melt it radicalized by DPJ regime to its free reading of our supreme law into a partisan initiative prevalent in a broader sense, thus blurring further our doomy drama in collaboration with the newspaper veiling Conspiracies nearly cornered herein.   .    


 末期癌は死に至る病であり、我等は亡国の宿命にある。ブレーキが効かないのだ。トヨタ社長は陳謝するが、こちらでは、かの紙上(2/5、Opinion 「政権失速」) での
無視や当然視は論外である。あなたは、それを何だと、お考えか。外でもない、例の一連の最高裁判例で、それは 「安保、自衛隊あるいは衆院解散権のような高度の統治権問題は、司法権の埒外で、内閣、国会、究極的には主権者国民に委ねられる」 とする。これに乗じた現状の一斉暴走なのだ。
  お馴染みの東大憲法学教授は早くから 「こうなれば、
何でも有りだ」 などと著書で冗談めかして連中を唆し、元東大総長は先頃の記事で、この最高裁の丸投げを民主党政権が恣意的憲法有権解釈にまで先鋭化させたのを、わざわざ広義の党派主導の趨勢に溶解、かくて本紙の煙幕作戦に協力して五里霧中の運命劇の闇を深める始末だが、それら陰謀自体は当欄で雪隠詰めが近い。

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Mystery of Plovers Moat 25 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 25

  A talk titled "Political Initiative" in a newspaper (6/1) is a sample of trivialism. There, a pair of professors, who have long been pursuing their shady business together with this newspaper, are acting again like lizards cutting their own tails to escape.
  This is another of their attempts, however,
to keep our ancien regime built into our postwar society going, camouflaging the plot with whatever is possible excuse around, which happens to be Emperor's symbolic function this time.
  Contrary to the other time (See "Law Is Law" 22/5/06 herein), our familiar Tokyo University jurist from Hiroshima armors Emperor seeing a Chinese leader with Blue over his robe for such an audience.
  Naturally people are so dazzled by the armor that they can't see he is acting like our representative or head of state, and that is what all of our old boys are long after. Have you made head or tail of it now?
  Incidentally, Princess Aiko shall be an imperial heiress (Second now), and assisted, if throned in under age, by a grown-up regent coming up after her in the succession, all of them being free to ascend or abdicate in the course.
  Last but not least is our pair's "Constitutional powers not monistic but pluralistic" since they hush up a demise of our three powers separated ever after judicial precidents forborne, only to push up the daisies though.
  Now, the paper simply repeats (1/16) its shallow tricks (Opinion "Constitutionals") with another trio of jurists to paint the lily as well until you can't help realizing the pit or your prewar nightmare resurrecting (See Deus ex machina "Made-up dissolution" pp 44-46, Ishikawa's "Postwar Politics" left), which you can't miss as an original carcinoma fatten up to a galaxy of terminal focuses now with Premier's virtual dictatorship at its core surrounded by such corrupt jurists and all as mentioned just above.


 新聞 (1/6) 対談 「政治主導」 は瑣末主義の標本で、両教授は、長年に亘り本紙を舞台に一連の謀略を事としてきたが、ここでも蜥蜴の尻尾切りを演じて憚らない。
 いつか (当欄 「法は法」 06/5/22 参照) とは違って、わが顔馴染みの広島出身の東大憲法学教授は、天皇が中国首脳を謁見する際、正装の上に青糸威しを羽織らせる。
 さて、先の両教授が 「
憲法は権力の一元化を想定せず、多元性を持つべきとする」 と逃げ口上を並べる、その尻尾は押えるべきで、この連中は不作為判例による一種の三権分立の崩壊を封じ込めているのだが、隠すは露るで、こと切れは瞭然ではないか。
 ところが、この新聞 (1/15) は又もや別の法律家トリオを取り持って (Opinion 「憲法解釈」)、ひたすら
屋上屋を架すが、これでは却って地獄、即ち、悪夢の如き戦前体制の再臨 (左欄、石川 著 「戦後政治史」 の衝撃的転機 「馴れ合い解散」 44-46頁参照) を誰でも悟るだろう。ここに癌腫が胚胎し、それが事実上の首相独裁を核に、上述の腐敗取り巻き連が綺羅星の如き、絢爛たる現状の末期病巣群にまで肥大した経過に、我々は親しい。

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Mystery of Plovers Moat 24 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 24

  For a Chinese top, DPJ leaders only are realistic, and the others including a Tokyo University's constitutionalist in a newspapaer this morning are all absurd since Emperor is our head of state virtually, whether you like it or not, and that is the question.
  The professor says the symbolic function itself has no substance, but Article 1 says Emperor is the symbol of the state. Hence Emperor embodies the authority of Japan as his symbolic function, or our subtle figure-head of state forced on us by General MacArthur to save the then-emperor's life at stake, and it was our trio who resisted to it desperately to succeed somehow in saving our ancien regime at its cores as this, like related hereabouts.    
  In fact, all acts of Emperor in matters of state naturally make him look like Head of State as our representative, to be eventually working that way, but as the pair of the books last-mentioned point out ("Analysis" pp65, 89 & 117; "Interpretaion" pp69, 70 & 120, left each), a symbol and a representative are different things to deny such a representativeness.
  A judge, nevertheless, made use of this fake status in delivering his wrong decision to establish a precedent for Emperor's, or Premier's, House breakup,   (Miyazawa's "Japanese Constitution" p534 left).


 実際、国事行為の充実で天皇は国家元首に見え、この国の代表者で結果的に通っているのだが、先に挙げた双璧書が指摘する通り (左欄、「注解」 65、89及び117頁); 「註釈」 69、70及び120頁)、象徴と代表は別なのに、この天皇の偽の
代表性に裁判が解散権を託し、結局は首相解散権の前例確立とされたのだ。(左欄、宮沢 著「日本国憲法」 534頁) 

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Mystery of Plovers Moat 23 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 23

  How more reasonably, then, can their a-priori breakup power as a supreme order for them to achieve be secured, since one of them speaks it out alright (See Irie's "Constitutionarization" left)?
  Under Article 7-3, their apriorism is, as some other conservatives also seem to claim (Tawara's "Off the Record" left), not only literally but also legally right as long as it is read as a latter or particular law after its former or general one as Article 3 or 4.
  According to a manual (Hasegawa's "Statute Exposition" left), the power thus endorced by a distant Roman law reading shall, however, get on with the taboo government and all next-door,
and both the two most-detailed critiques (Law Association's "Analysis Notes" & Higuchi's "Interpretation Notes" left) deny our trio's chop logic "negative and breakup (Irie's above)".
  The two books call, nevertheless, Premier's breakup in arbitrarily under the pretext of parliamentarism for the former (p170 )or changed expectation of it as a plus for the latter (p124), pretending to see nothing of our trio's trap to let Administration so dominate routinely other two powers as to turn the separation sysyem to a virtual premier's dictatorship, or in short,
participating in our trio's secret to go out for wool (Bygone haunting) and come home shorn (Power spooking) after failing our trio's arsonist (Art. 69 tampering)-fireman (Art.7-3 abusing) action.


 これら発言は、解散権が前提なのは、その確保が至上命令の所為だが、この頭ごなしの遣り方には理屈が他に有り、それは本人が明け透けに暴露 (左欄、入江 著 「憲法制定の経緯」 参照) する通りである。
 憲法7条3項では、彼等の天皇権能説が、文理上のみか法理上も3又は4条に対する後法又は特別法としては、他の保守派も示唆する通り (左欄、田原 編 「オフレコ」)、正しい。
 このようにローマ法由来の法諺に裏付けられた権能も、しかし、先程挙げた政治禁忌等の条規と折合う要ありと、案内書 (左欄、長谷川 著 「法令解釈の基礎」)は説き、だからこそ、詳細を極める点で双璧をなす概説書 (左欄、法学協会 編 「注解 日本国憲法」 及び樋口 編 「註釈 日本国憲法 」) も共に我が三人組の 「受身形で解散権 (上記、入江書)」 の屁理屈を否定する。
 両書は、それにも拘らず、「注解」 は議院内閣制を口実に (p170)、これに 「註釈」 は期待の変化を加味して (p124)、共に首相解散権を勝手に呼込み、かくて行政による立法・司法の支配で三権分立を事実上の首相独裁に転じる三人組の謀略の慣行化には気付かぬ振りをし、早く言えば、わが三人組の秘略に荷担、そのマッチ (69条改竄) ポンプ (7-3条悪用) のミイラ (旧権怨霊) を引取り、自らがミイラ (権力亡者) となった次第。

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Mystery of Plovers Moat 22 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 22

  In his newspaper column left, our constitutionalist is right to say Breakup and Honors are equally Emperor's but can be wrong to treat any different two equally because of resulting one in spite of the other. So, this is his bad excuse, of course, to establish, under such random diversions, their saved despotism last-mentioned as a precedent.
  As the former governor implies, Emperor's matters of state have nothing to do with powers related to government so that any of such matters shall be a mere formality or ceremony, to confine Cabinet' advice and approval also to them for such in spite of our jurist's claim otherwise seen first in his work left.
  It is extremely unjustifiable, he also maintains, to find such Cabinet actions provided for in the law merely formal or ceremonious. Why doesn't he, then, find Emperor as Symbol of our unity unjustifiable? Article 1 is the zenith of formality or ceremony.
  Thus, either of our monster's points reveals he uses what he is trying to prove in proving it just as Legislative Bureau does for the very Emperor's Diet-beakup in its statement seen next to the column above, mysteriouly to lead, nevertheless, our three major newspapers including one in question now to a tremendously ill report seen finally left before the first breakup (23/11/48) under our new charter.


 かくて、わが怪物の両論点が論証すべきことを、その論証に使い、これに次ぐ記事では、法制局も当の天皇衆院解散権を巡り同様の循環論法に陥っているのに、本紙を含む三大紙は、最後の記事のように、奇怪にも大誤報に誘い込まれたのだ。新憲法下で初の衆院解散 (48/11/23) の直前のことである。 

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Mystery of Plovers Moat 21 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 21

  You can catch our monster jurist and all red-handed in the column left.
  Mind, however, his pitfall for you even in his very opening paragraphs.
  With his style of English parliamentarism, the balance between the two powers merely means a set of tit for tat to fall together in a deadlock at Diet: what he keeps from us here is a terror as if walking a tightrope daily we suffer together with our lawmakers from the premier's arbitrary power threatening to come down at any moment, you see.

  His example of awarding honors is his excuse for his crime since he must have masterminded it or joined in it at this moment.
  That is to say, a pair of new constitution gists was submitted (5/3/46), one (Satoh Document 41, NDL) to Cabinet, and its English version to GHQ, both having the same Article 65 (69 now) for the cabinet power linked to its confidential status as in Mac original (Article 57), while both authorities approved and published theirs next day, now Cabinet having the provision in question (SD 46, NDL) without the link said, and GHQ with it intact (SCAP's Hussey Doc 26).
  In other words, Cabinet forged the diplomatic document in violation of Criminal Code 155 (Forgery of official documents) so that the power missing can find itself as an Emperor's matter of state, as planned from scratch by our trio (See Irie's "Constitutionalization" left, slso to note a critical time lag).         


 即ち、新憲法要綱案が、1通 (国会図書館所蔵 「佐藤達夫文書41」)は内閣に、他は前者を英文にしてGHQに、提出され (46/3/5)、 両本共に衆院解散権を内閣信任状態に関連付けた第65 (現69) 条は、マ原案 (57条) 通りで、共通だったにも拘らず、翌日までに両当局が承認し発表した要綱は、内閣の (同上46) は
上記の関連付けを廃し、GHQは元の侭 (同「SCAPハッシー文書26」) だった。
 言い換えれば、内閣は閣議で外交文書を変造して公文書偽造の罪 (刑法155条) を犯し、これにより、わが法律家トリオが当初から目論んだ (左欄、入江敏郎 「憲法成立の経緯」 233頁記事参照。重大な時間的齟齬にも注目) 通り、衆院解散権は天皇の国事行為に関連付ける外無くなったのである。

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Mystery of Plovers Moat 20 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 20

  Adieu, our rule of law
  Bonjour, a kangaroo court
  With a sigh of relief, law-abusing ruling parties, who have just won law-abiding people over to their unconstitutional side in the trial, are to conclude their longtime conspiracy.
  LDP draft (28/10/05) says that House breakup under Article 69 "or else" is to "be decided" by "Premier" (article 54), and this is it. No argument any more, it's been so somehow though. Why so, then? Anything wrong if the power is ever limited? Yes for our desperate trio, if not for servile lawmakers, you see.   
  Even a junior high school boy can see that the trio's trick of the original English active changed into the passive in its Japanese version only as sketched left by its leader himself can also be a key to tracing it all for correction, but the new article by LDP never fails to leave alone our existing imperial prerogative in amending its way for the worse.



無法常習の支配層は、この裁判で遵法一途な国民を違憲仲間に引 き入れたので、安堵の溜息を吐きながら、彼等の長年の陰謀の仕上げに取り掛かろうとしている。
 自民新憲法案 (05/10/28) では、六十九条 「その他の場合」 の衆議院の解散は、「首相」 が 「決定」 する (54条) と言う次第なのだ。もう、問答無用なのだ、なぜか今迄も、そうだったが。でも、何故そうなのか、お分かりか。解散権とは僅かの制限もいけないものか。そう、これに命を賭けた我が三人組には。奴隷根性の代議士には、そうでもなかろうが。


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Mystery of Plovers Moat 19 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 19  

  In the end, the former Tottori governor didn't fail to follow his fellow brass in crying wine to sell vinegar, while our god earlier prefered ignoring the breakup system itself to forcing it somewhere else in his vain effort to keep the balance of powers in the law.
  Where might is master, justice is servant, but even a thief has his reason, and our trio did have theirs (See T.Irie's "Constitutionalization" left) when they published Article 69 (65/Gist) in Japanese with such a framework as "the Cabinet shall,,, resign en masse, unless the House of Representatives is dissolved within ten days."(March 6, 1946) instead of its English version (Art. LXV) for Mac (See M. Ishikawa's "Postwar Politics" left) with "the Cabinet shall resign en masse, unless it dissolves the House of Representatives within ten days."(Article LXV, Draft C/J, p2, Nippon Times, March 8, 1946)


 無理が通れば道理は引っ込むが、泥棒にも三分の理ありで、わが三人組は、確信するところ (左欄で入江敏郎著 「憲法成立の経緯」 参照) 有って、要綱65 (現69) 条を 「内閣は、、十日以内に衆議院の解散なき限り総辞職を為すことを要すること」 として発表 (1946/3/6) し、その英語版 (1946/3/8: ニッポンタイムズ:2
頁:日憲案LXV条) は 「内閣は、10日以内に内閣が衆議院を解散しない限り、総辞職しなければならない」 としたが、こちらをマックは真に受けたのだ (左欄、石川真澄著 「戦後政治史」 参照)。

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Mystery of Plovers Moat 18 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 18

  The jurist's democracy summarised left is so immaculate as to leave no room for any compromise, let alone British monarch's prerogative to break up her own lower house, which was, nevertheless, copied after in our supreme law in its gist (6/3/1946) making by our persons in charge led by himself, as evidenced around so far.
  People's sovereignty shall be given up to nobody save that it can be authorized to our representatives, and accordingly Emperor's 10 acts in matters of state including his Diet breakup under Article 7 are all ultra vires if they are Emperor's own powers as the jurist maintains.
  Where is the very agent thus authorized in the law? Nowhere because our trio led by this jurist erased it beforehand! It was Cabinet's in Mac draft.
  Assuming ignorance of this trick, the jurist argues the power provided for in the law shall find its agent, to mislead us to Article 7-3 for it now arbitrary for Premier.
  With this crooked way taking place half a century ago, a constitution god remarked in his Diet that the Japanese got mad since nobody but lawmakers elected by the people shall break up their own house. C'est vrai!
(Disbelievers shall see what a former Tottori governor says in Bunshun's June edition on pp95-6, to find how he is different from our god.)  

 この法学者の民主主義は、左欄要約の通り完璧で、妥協の余地を残さず、英国王室の下院解散特権などは論外であるのに、日本国憲法は、これを踏襲しており、それを敢行したのが、この法学者自身が率いた 「要綱 (1946/3/6)」 作成者であることは本欄が証明してきた。

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Mystery of Plovers Moat 17 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 17

  With his nothing-anew conclusion seen left after a great man of letter, the polemic writer who once ruled the time has gone, leaving us all in the hands of the rulers much craftier than Hitler and all, in that the new jury system starting today is a coup de grace to our postwar democracy.
  After all, the old jurist neglects his own forces in his teachings, and accordingly the old officer never looks his new ones (as so far exposed here around only) at his feet.
  Incidentally, Nazi's clincher for its plenary power under Enabling Act was, like under our Constitution misread, its arbitrary Diet breakup, while ours already in one under Premiership is now to be backed up by our people's courts.
  That is to say, when the sky falls we shall catch the lark, forgetting devine wind and forgiving evil wind to be sooner killed painlessly side by side our supreme law.
  Sober throughout was the late Emperor only, I should say.
  By the way, Mr. Kim, our neighbor Defense Council Chairman, who is as charming as our late boss, doesn't lead so favorite a country for us.
  Japan was, however, a cult country like his too, and even now?


 結局、老法学者は遺訓で旧軍を無視し、従って旧軍士官は足下の新手の強権者 (唯一、当欄が告発) に気付かない。

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Mystery of Plovers Moat 16 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 16

  My use of egoism (See my Answer to Question 3, Constitution Quiz via Portal) to encourage my fellow people in our efforts to recover our own fundamental rights in Constitution (Article 12) is now academically backed up as in the column left, whose conclusion will, in turn, be true only by such efforts so successful that the altruistic rights existing have been changed back into the individualistic originals.
  With the new jury system coming soon into force, our campaign
must be so exposing such a jury's inhumn duty to keep the secret for good as an unconstitutional offence the column saying at its end, in sympathy with a Zen-monk author so indignant at the system in a recent popular monthly, that even such courts will no longer dare be on the strength of the rights in question here.
  In the end,
"the whole judicial power is vested in a Supreme Court and in such inferior courts as are established by law (Aticle 76)", and not in the people, who shall, if ever to be in such courts, be so stipulated in some provisions relevant from scratch as are the cases with other power branches, namely, those for chiefs in the administrative and law makers in the legislative.
  As a habitual constitutional offender, our Establishment may as well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb, I guess.   

  See bellow for more:

 憲法 (12条) の人権の回復に利己心の活用を同胞に勧めた (フロント経由、憲法クイズ、問
3答案参照) 当方の立場を、左欄は現に倫理学的に基礎づけているが、人権違反を違憲とする、その結論は、お返しに、わが努力が実って現行の利他的人権が元々の個人主義的なものに訂正し直されて初めて真となろう。
 そもそも、「すべて司法権は、最高裁判所及び法律の定めるところにより設置する下級裁判所に属する (憲法76条)」 のであり、国民に属するのではない。国民が裁判所に属するには、三権の他翼、即ち、行政権上や立法権上の首長や議員に関してと同様に、憲法で予め規定しておく必要がある。


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Mystery of Plovers Moat 15 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 15

  We are yet to know if the fire destroyed Yoshida Palace yesterday was part of our greatest conspiracy ever we have been after for nearly a decade now.
  By the way, like WBC Samurai Japan, I 've just cleared my 75-year past, and why doesn't our Fake Imperialism Japan also get rid of its conduct out of rule ever since its former and real one left League of Nations in March, 1933, by giving its tricks up altogether?
  Then, we can forget your conspiratorial records now reduced, by chance, to ashes inside a wall or else in the fire first-mentioned.

  See URL below for further details:




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Mystery of Plovers Moat 14 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 14

  As in Column left, some hisotrians saw Emperor ignore Constitution, but not many Japanese can blame him for it. Even children can see JSDF is unconstitutional, you see.
  How about Premier's Diet breakup, then, which is badly demanded recently by the opposition as well as mass media, there is no such power provided in the charter though? It can't be there since our officials erased, as they stated publicly later (See "Constitutionalization Detailed" by T.Irie left), this limited power in the Mac draft for keeping covertly the-then unlimited imperial power concerned in concert with Establishment at large.
  Even Judicature is now trying to pull the sovereign people into such abuses of our supreme law by inviting them to a new but obviously unconstitutional jury system (Article 76) for unity kills anxiety.
  To err is human, Your Majesty!

  See URL bellow for the background of this:

 又、近頃は首相に衆院を解散しろと、野党やマスコミが五月蝿いが、そんな解散権は憲法の何処にも規定が無いではないか。これは在る訳が無いのであって、このマ案の制限付き権限は消去したと当の官僚たちが後に公言する通り (左欄の入江敏郎著 「憲法成立の経緯」 参照)、支配層は総掛かりで当時の無制限な天皇衆院解散権を新憲法に埋め込んだのだ。
 目下は、司法までが、皆で渡れば怖くないので、主権者国民を新手の陪審制度に引き入れて最高法規濫用の仲間にしようと躍起だが、勿論、この制度も違憲である (憲法76条)。


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Mystery of Plovers Moat 13 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 13

  With his "strong premiership" column in a newspaer this morning, a Tokyo University professor is misleading us to a happy end of a national conspiracy.
  Ever since Article 69 so tampered with in its gist (6/3/46) as to keep the heart of the old imperial power in Article 7-3, our charter has been giving us too strong a premiership, for Three powers separated, which is actually Emperor's for his Diet breaking. An autocrat only can at will dismiss our representatives entrusted with our power for four years.
  During this term, neither DP-led House of Councilors nor LDP Premier so alternating shall, properly speaking, call for a dissolution of House of Representatives under our Constitution. Never trespass after seeking shelter under the eaves! 
  In the way, this professor of politics also touches up the gigantic fraud from its commanding tower for mass media ever after "Put-up dissolution (23/12/48)", to complete it as Premier's outright this time as in LDP draft (1/8/05).

  See "Postwar political history" by Masumi Ishikawa in the left column for
  "Put-up dissolution". 

  See URL bellow for the background of this article:


   今朝刊紙のコラム 「強い首相」 論で、東大教授が、国家的陰謀の大団円に国民が立ち合うよう、目論んでいる。
  わが憲法は、その要綱 (46/3/6) で六十九条を歪曲して旧天皇制の核心を七条三項に温存して以来、首相の、実は天皇の、衆院解散権は、三権分立としては、強過ぎるものとなった。国権を四年に亘り信託された選良を何時でも一斉に
 かくて、政治学教授も、この巨大詐欺に、その 「馴れ合い解散」(48/12/23) 以来のマスコミ司令塔に拠って一役買い、今回は公然たる首相の解散権が自民案 (05/8/1) 通りに成就する日が来る。

 「馴れ合い解散」 に就いては、左欄の石川真澄 著 「戦後政治史」 参照。


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Mystery of Plovers Moat 12 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 12

  As in the column left, our people's sovereignty is still disputable due to the old imperial system smuggled into our Constitution as seen so far.
  We must, therefore, redefine the power so clearly that there will be no further disputes on it. Do we have anything more urgent than this?
  A reasonable approach to it should be to go back to Mac original with Articles 11 (Mac's 9), 12 (11) and 69 (57) at their points, thus paying our belated respects to the general's good intentions.
  In fact, LDP new draft (1/8/05) does so, only to replace such tracks themselves with somethings worse after its long runaway off them, for human right or Diet breakup.
What do you say?

  See bellow for the background of this approach:


 その際の手法としては、マ案の趣意へ11 (マ案4)、12 (11) 及び69 (57) 条で復帰するのが妥当で、これで遅まきながら将軍の善意に敬意を表することも出来る。
 実際、自民党の新憲法草案 (05/8/1) は、これら軌道に人権や衆院解散で舞い戻ってはいるのだが、これは、長年の脱線暴走の揚句、これら軌道そのものを、もっと悪質なものと取り換える為だったようだ。




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Mystery of Plovers Moat 11 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 11

  With the impossible GHQ draft in hand to swallow, it was an absolute must for our loyal trio to insinuate the old imperial system into the gist of it in Japanese (6/3/46), which was accomplished by them teamed up on the occasion of the abortive Matsumoto B draft.
  That is to say, the jurist trio erased the Diet-breaking Cabinet in Article 69 (57 in Mac's) as the agent of the passive voice they changed the second half of the original active into, for thus necessarily finding the breaker as Emperor in Article 7-3. Combining this with so modified Article 12 as to afford conscription, Emperor's basic power in Ancien Regime was secured in the gist, to be
sooner rubber-stamped by the general himself.
  Nobody has seemingly noticed the astounding conspiracy enough to be labeled as a world wonder, but has such a national stupor been really possible?
  No, not really. Our big ones feign ignorance, you see.

  See bellow for LDP Quiz 1& 2 with Articles 12 & 69 under work:


 無理なGHQ草案を飲み込む際、わが忠臣三人組には政府草案要綱 (46/3/6) に旧国体を忍び込ませることが至上命令となったが、これを成し遂げた彼等は松本乙案失敗の雪辱を果たした訳だ。
 即ち、この法律家三人組は、69条 (マ案57条) 英文能動態後半を受動態に変えて、その動作主、即ち衆院解散権者たる内閣を消去、この権限を7条3項



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Mystery of Plovers Moat 10 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 10

  Until culminating in his "Divine Cohabitation" left, the most popular postwar constitutionalist's grand design had, ever since his loud "August Revolution" theory, been to sew the fox's skin to the lion's for pulling your leg, and pretty successfully at that because of the chaos at that time when both the traitorous and the betrayed in the scenes had keen reasons to prefer the material to the nominal while either side could have been in the other's only a bit earlier, you see.   
  As so far seen, his incongruousness like this was, however, originated in his leadership in so falsifying our supreme law in the making that our old imperial system would be kept in the law, provided the Occupying Allied could be outwitted, which was eventually the case, incredulous though.

  Funnier thing is that we have so long been in his "cohabitation" or virtual daydreams, sitting on this faked state code or rusty time bomb thus subtly basing on an ancient mythology with Emperor as God but looking like a modern one with people as gods as he put it, and it is natural enough for us, who must share own DNA with such elders whose
mentality included Emperor in his people, to be in so ruleless a me-tooism in regarding ourselves as gods.
  Well, a white lie is sometimes expedient, but isn't even such a lot of our fox's slick lies a bit too much now?
  (See bellow for this in Japanese, and the following for others)


 「神々の共存」 (下記URL左欄参照) で締め括るまで、この戦後に高名だった憲法学者の大風呂敷は、派手な 「八月革命」 説以来、木に竹を接ぎ、これで我々を担ぐためだったが、これが、結構、巧く行ったのは、混乱の戦後では、裏切った側も裏切られた側も、名を捨て実を取る切実な事情があり、なにより先頃までは互いの立場が逆であり得たからだ。
 見てきた通り、このような彼の奇妙な言動は、しかし、彼が主導した制憲時の条規改竄に起因しており、これは何とか占領連合国を 出し抜いて、旧国体を新憲法に温存する為だったが、信じ難いことに、これが成功した。
 もっと可笑しいのは、この偽の国是と言う錆び付いた時限爆弾が、天皇を神とする古代神話を潜ませながら、国民を神々とする近代神話に化け、その上で胡座をかく我々を長年に亘り、「共存」 ならぬ事実上の白日夢に陥らせていることだが、わが長老たちの心性が天皇を国民に含めるなら、その遺伝子を継ぐ我々が自身を神々と見なすのも、至極に当り前な無原則的、ご都合主義ではある。

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Mystery of Plovers Moat 9 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 9

  Transpersonal psychology (See Column left) sounds interesting, but under our Constitution or "Imperialism in Disguise" as evidenced so far around, it must be built on the sand, its critical targets misssing our ancien regime still kept alive by stealth in the supreme law.
A Zen pupil shall watch his own steps.



 トランスパーソナル心理学 (下記URLの左欄参照) は興味深いが、現憲法下で、言い換えれば、これ迄に本欄で証明した、この 「隠れ天皇制」下で、当心理学は、その批判が密かに最高法規中に温存された旧国体に及ばぬ限り、砂上の楼閣でしかない。


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Mystery of Plovers Moat 8 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 8

  They are examining the patricidal girl's sanity.
  Are we, however, sane enough for that business when we have neglected our own matter of life or death as a nation?
 Article 9's Ashida phrase as the source of our right of self-defense was found groundless (See Column "1945" left) a few years back, but nobody has bothered to redress this constitutional defect accordingly, leaving no pro-JSDF connotation behind around here.
   Isn't this crazy?


 自衛権の根拠とされた九条の芦田条項が数年前に無根拠だと判った (下記URL左欄 「昭和二十年」 参照)が、この憲法の唐突な欠陥を誰も埋めようともしないので、憲法九条は自衛隊合憲の根拠を失った侭だ。


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Mystery of Plovers Moat 7 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 7

  In a newspaper's evening edition the day before yesterday, an associate professor of Tokyo University produced a brain pathological evidence to prove "I" fictitious.
  Thus, our "self" is finally found materially originated in the brain conjuring it up as widely expected, and our "rootlessness" like this must be at the root of sinister incidents seen everywhere like the case of a half asleep girl fatally stabbing her own father.
  Some solipsistic objection aside, our "self" even with such a deep in it can now be spiritual not innately but only a posteriori. This is a small step forward for science, but a great leap for mankind standing now on their own feet, or head and hands for that matter, starting my own story from here as well.



 昨夕刊紙で東大准教授は 「わたし」 が虚構である脳病理学的証拠を紹介した。
 これで 「自己」 は脳が、大方の予想通り、物質的にデッチ上げたものと確定したが、この自我の根の無さこそが頻発する凶悪事件の根にあり、寝呆けた娘が己が父を刺したのも、その一例に過ぎない。


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Mystery of Plovers Moat 6 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 6

  Around eight this morning, I saw you back home for the first time since your petty crime took place here a few weeks ago.
  "Hey, you. Wait a minute!" I adressed you, who faced about, picking up something dropped from your plastic bag in your right hand, to look me up a step or two behind you after you hurridly passed me by on the narrow path by the bicycle shed nearby.
  We played tag for a few minutes until you finally ran away at full speed after your several turns around the street blocks.
  How do you think you can escape from the police after you suspected of the vandalism on the properties belonging to our landlord firm as well as me?



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Mystery of Plovers Moat 5 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 5

  As soon as we abruptly eyed each other around noon five days back,  I slid my kitchen window wide open violently to dart my glare down on you a few meters away, and you caught it of course but kept walking down the alley, quietly avering your upward glance at me as if nothing had happened.
  Your prepared reaction like that was another indirect evidence of your crime in that your noncommittal pose there must have come direct from your acute intention of hiding your stealthy hanging around to see if your crime had already been brought to light, as a far cry to a shocked reaction from any innocent person puzzled with my anger.




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Mystery of Plovers Moat 4 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 4

  I've got you, my dear offender. I guessed who you were alright when I was preparing my lunch after seeing the police and all in front of my apartment house this late morning, I mean.

  By the way, my dear readers, Premier Fukuda is doing it fine, don't you think? Above all, I like his cool attitude in dealing with things like his
national health system so discriminatory as to send a chill down my back.
  Just now I was having a cafe au lait with my other afternoon refreshment when he was, on TV, offering a white chrysanthemum or something of that sort to the newly-deified ashes of unknown WW II victims coming now up to three hundred and fifty thousand at the National Chidorigabuchi War Victims Cemetery.
  He looked just the right man in the right place there with his style as cool as a drooping cucumber or a zombi.
  Momentarily, Mr. Masuzoe was, as the minister in charge of the occasion, also revealing something of his personality of a premier's caliber, but his view of things is questionable ever since his shout on a midnight TV show that the late emperor doesn't bear the blame for our last war because of the imperial assistant provision in the old constitution.



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Mystery of Plovers Moat 3 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 3

  After the haiku appeared in a newspaper this morning,

          Moat's missing,
              Petals rafting
                  As if
                     Plovers floating








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Mystery of Chidorigabuchi 2

  In this morning's newspaper column, the presiding judge finding (7/9/73) JSDF unconstitutional in the Naganuma Nike base case at the Sapporo district court virtually says Japan isn't a law-governed country, to tell you an awful mystery going on before you.

 けさの新聞のコラムで、長沼ナイキ基地訴訟に自衛隊違憲判決を下した (73/9/7) 札幌地裁の裁判長が、日本は法治国家ではないと言う意味のことを吐露したが、これは眼前の恐るべき怪談である。


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Mystery of Plovers Moat 1 怪談 千鳥ヶ淵 1

  Fact or act, its reality is between your skin and its lining flesh.

              Chikamatsu Monzaemon




  March 31, 2008

  Intermezzo  タチバナシ

Neglecting its own democratic standpoint, "My Pro-constitution Theory" now serialized in a monthly neglects the Cabinet Legislative Bureau's neglect (See its chief's confession in the left column of AHOWAHADAKA via URL bellow) of GHQ's neglect of our Imperial power.
 Is Don Quixote this author or me?


 月刊誌に連載中の「私の護憲論」は、内閣法制局 (上記URLよりAHOWAHADAKA左欄の長官陳述を参照) によるGHQの天皇権限無視の無視を無視して、自らの民主的立場を無視した。ドンキホーテは、この護憲論の筆者か、それとも、こちらか。

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Triangular Deadlock 三竦み  

  As evidenced hereabouts so far, our Establishment has been desperate for keeping our old ImperiaI polity at its core by way of Article 7-3, which is, however, against our people's Sovereignty in that the "advice and approval" in the article allows, jurisprudentially as well as logically, for the Emperor's initiative in the matter of state concerned.
  That is to say, Premier's advice can logically be dismissed by Emperor, and the approval can be readily given by Premier, to let, anyway, Emperor go his way, while Article 7-3, which is a specific law relative to Articles 7 itself and 4 as general ones, and further is a posterior law relative to the others as prior ones, can legally take precedence over them, to give Emperor the initiative here again.
  The ruling LDP, which has been trying, by painting it out with its draft constitution, to get rid of this inherited illogicality of our imperial system looking like a democracy working in such a very governmental action as a Lower House dissolution, is rather at a loss about its own people as well as the W.W. II Allied so nicely mesmerized by it as to know no dawn now in spring. 

  This campaign network is suspended to sum it up in a story coming in English here and in Japanese at my ALIEAJ via URL bellow.   


 これまで証拠を列挙してきた通り、わが国の指導層は旧天皇制を死守してきたが、この憲法七条三項の悪用は、同条の 「助言と承認」が、文理的にも法理的にも、この国事に関する天皇の主導権を許容するからで、これは国民主権に反する。

February 26, 2008

Ostrich 駝鳥

No sooner sees it an enemy than an ostrich buries its head in the sand. Our
mass media do alike.

  As soon as you shout, for instance, "Amendments!", some newspapers would chant back, "Pension!"

  Both bread and rules are important, and mass media shouldn't prefer a money scheme to national principles, which are equally procrastinated problems.

   An influential newspaper, nevertheless, has been trying to put our unconstituinal realities out of sight, systematically campaigning for the constitutional status quo.

 After its pro-JSDF editorial ("19/21" 3/5/07) logically contradictive (See "Amazement 3/5/07" via URL bellow), a Tokyo University professor (History of thought) euphemized his support to the alleged premier's Diet breakup by Article 7-3 in its column ("New imperial system": 5/1/08).

  He didn't, in fact, mention the dubious Section 3, but his theory missing it is mystifying itself.


 敵を見るやいなや、駝鳥は砂に頭を埋める。わがマスコミも然り。 試みに、「改憲」と叫んでみれば、「年金」と数紙から木霊が返って来る。


 ところが、有力紙が違憲の現実を隠そうと、現状の憲法体制擁護のキャンペーンを系統的に展開している。先頃の論理矛盾な社説 (21-19) 「自衛隊」(07/5/3) による同隊追認(上記URLの 「仰天 07/5/22」参照)に続き、新年早々にも東大教授にコラム(08/1/5)



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Verbatim 逐語訳

  When the draft constitution prepared by the US side only was to be mutually discussed after our own so reactionary was rejected on Maech 4, 1946, our side had already secured the first dozen of articles arranged as in ours but based on the other's in contents, as translated, including all the articles relative to basic human rights, into Japanese verbatim as instructed by our person in charge there, according to his own memoirs published later in a jurist magazine.
   In Article 12, we are, as a result of this seemingly plain but actually crude interpreting, responsible for utilizing such basic rights "for the public welfare" only, and not "for our own sake", to fossilize this universal principle for individuals into a tribute to the public at large or the nation when the key phrase "public wellfare" was defined in only two lines in a judicial precedent (D8/TDC; 18/1/52) even with its case number missing in the first volume of the dozens of copious loose-leaf law reports.


 この率直を装う、実は粗放な解釈方針の結果、憲法十二条で我々は基本的人権を 「我々各自のため」 でなく、「公共の福祉のため」 にのみ、利用する責任を負わされ、個人の為の普遍的原理は、殺し文句 「公共の福祉」 が、数十巻からなる分厚い加除式判例集の第一巻で、事件番号さえも失せた判例 (東地刑八判、52/1/18) として、僅か二行の定義を下されるや否や、公共を代表する国家へ捧げられ、以来、半世紀余も棚晒しなのだ。

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Bona Fides 善意

  As is evident in the clolumn left, our premier's power to dissolve the lower house was born when our side held fast to our former style of it, while the US side overlooked this intentional mistranslation of the Mac's original, subsequently giving in to our first use of it to camouflage this grave misrule by momentarily going back to the origianl already nonexistent.
  On this good occasion for our side, a constitutionalist, who had abruptly left his unofficial key position in the mutual drafting process, came back to the fore to advocate the power as Premier's, when it was actually Emperor's as in our own draft denied by Mac.
  The so-called "Premier's power" consists of very political Article 69 supplemented by merely ceremonial Article 7-3, and this addendum is against Article 4 forbidding Emperor any "powers related to government" in that Article 7-3 disguises itself as a mere formality on the part of the emperor advised to do "so" when it is actually his substantial action essential for the premier's "power" without due constitutional provision
in materializing his own most political decision to break up the lower house. Hence, not Premier but Emperor breaks it up, and such a feigned power reflects upon the dignity of our nation, doesn't it?. (See Q2, LDP Quiz via URL bellow).
  In the process, this professor and other officials in charge were seemingly in so good faith that they were, as seen first above, all single-minded and anachronistically-ideological offenders against our supreme law, regardless of their preliminary involvement in tampering with it in the making. For our Establishment, a parliamentary system leads us to nothing but a British-style sovereign power in spite of its LDP revision plan so far ignored.



 即ち、いわゆる首相衆院解散権は、まさに政治的な憲法六九条を単に儀礼的な同七条三項で補足したものだが、この補則は天皇の政治関与を禁じた同四条に反する。と言うのは、七条三項は、この首相 「権限」 に憲法上の規定が無いので、衆院解散と言う首相自身が最も政治的な決定を実現する権限にとっては実際は不可欠な要件なのに、その要件たる天皇の実質的行為を、助言されて
「そう」 する単なる形式的行為に、偽装しているからだ。従って、解散権は首相ではなく、天皇にあるから、この権力詐称は国家の品格に関わるのではないか。(上記URLよりジミンクイズQ2参照)。


  You Start マッチポンプ

  In a newspaper (9/11/48) just before "Put-up Breakup" , a constitutionalist says first that Premier can dissolve Lower House under either Article 7-3 or 69, to evidence himself at his own old scene of faking our supreme law, I suspect.

  Only a few years earlier, Imperial Japan let this authority, for pulling strings that way from further behind, leave, without much ado, his unofficial but vital position at the climax of the mutual drafting process of it, and this guesswork of mine must be the only explanation possible for this series of monkey business on it in the making.


  新聞 (48/11/8)で 「馴れ合い解散」


  January 13, 2008

  Dear God, Dear Buddha 神様、仏様

A newapaper this morning lets that novelist and professor repeat his fellow
professor's alleged theory that the very contradiction between Article 9 and JSDF forbids us to war, while my understanding is that the National Archives'

old paper, without its wrapping full of extravagant images of JSDF and all, suffices for our constant antiwar stance.

  If this wrapping is to be kept, we should accordingly change what is inside or Article 9, or else, and no quibbles like theirs are necessary here.
  Tell me if
you know any other recent products which are found faked badly, but better still or evevn best eventually.

  They are apparently trying to win an old critic next to God or Buddha for them over to their side, but he won't budge an inch from his position blaming the then JSP-LDP coalition for its "constitutional JSDF" when he must know our situation so misled by now that even such simple logic as mine is in no way practicable.





  December 17, 2007

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五十歩百歩 Little Difference

 元最高裁長官が国連警察軍活動は戦争ではないと言って (56/7/1)、民主党代表の最新戦略に論拠を与えたが、この戦略で我々は、現にインド洋上で作戦中の連合軍艦隊に油は送れないが、国連軍には自衛隊を派遣出来る。
 この世界に聞こえた法学者には 「国権の発動たる戦争」 は国家ので、国際組織のは別で戦争一般ではないが、これは自民党の憲法曲解より酷く、戦争と、武力による威嚇又は武力の行使は、両方共、「国際紛争を解決する手段としては(九条)」 放棄する (が、そうでない場合は別だ) と言う屁理屈の拡大再生産であり、この直近の鍵括弧中の文言は当時の制憲相によるマ草案和訳への再三の改竄の結果ながら、わが法学者の指摘に反して、英文でも、直前にコンマが無くても、 「戦争」 と 「武力による威嚇と武力の行使」 の両方に掛けて読めることは当時の内閣法制局次長の言う通りで、この理路と言うよりは迷路を、わが法学者の国権戦争は踏襲するに過ぎない。

 結局、大洋の両端から相寄った当事者が何かを 「としては」 や 「たる」 等と言う片言隻句で同定する際に陥った混乱に付け入り、その裏を


  Saying a UN military campaign is no war, a former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court gives (1/7/56) the basis for the DPJ leader's latest strategy, under which we can send JSDF to such a UN mission, but no oil to the allied fleets now in the Indian Ocean.
  This world-reknown jurist 's "War as a soverign right of the nation"so national that an international one is not war in general is, however, a worse version of the LDP misinterpretation of our supreme law that we renounce both war and threat or use of force "as means of  settling international disputes (Article 9)" (only), in that despite of repeated distortions of the Mac's original, the then constitutionalization minister's version of the last quoted phrase above in English can, against our jurist
's claim, still cover, even without a comma before "as", both "war" and "threat or use of war" as the then CLB's deputy director general maintained, to show our jurist's nationl war as another reproduction of this logical trick.
  In the end, we shouldn't take advantage of such confusions between the parties from both sides of an ocean involving such a tiny word as "as", which only identifys something, and nothing else, which has, nevertheless, been unfairly read out to find, thus indirectly, our national reason for JSDF under UN or USA.

  November 18, 2007

  Sovereign 主権者

Who do you think is the sovereign of this country?  We are,  you'd say, but I
doubt it because of some unfavorable definitions in our supreme law.

  In spite of its preamble declaring the people's sovereign power, we are, under its Article 12, "always responsible for utilizing the freedoms and rights" guaranteed by it "for the public welfare", and accordingly not masters

of anything but slaves of someone else, aren't we?

  Furthermore, our representatives, who constitute the "highest organ of state power" under Article 41, can, with no due sanctions, be beheaded en masse by Premier or head of an illicit armed group to force us all.

 How can we be sovereigns, now?




  しかも、四一条が 「国権の最高機関」と決めた我々の選良を何ら権限も無いのに首相が、好きな時に雁首を並べて切るが、無法武装集団を率いているから、泣く子も黙る。


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犯人は誰 Who Done It? 

  憲法は、六九条をマッカーサー草案の 「(不信任) 内閣は」 「辞職するか国会を解散」 から 「衆議院が解散されない限り、総辞職」 へ換えて解散者を曖昧にした上で、七条三項に関わる助言者及び承認者としての内閣に衆院解散権を見出すが、これら定義の不自然さは今回の自民党草案の 「解散」 は首相が 「決定する」 の単純さで分かる。
  これが天皇主権を温存する方便だったことは、マ草案翻訳当事者が証言しており(下記HP 「ジミンクイズ問2」 参照)、この反動的だが同情できる茶番を演出したと思しき人物は、マ司令部の報復を


  Our Constitution finds the power of dissolving the House of Representatives, after so altering Article 69 from MacArthur's "Cabinet (doomed) shall resign or order the the Diet to dissolve" to "Cabinet shall resign en masse, unless the House of Representatives is dissolved", in Cabinet as the advisor and approver in Article 7-3 as to obscure who has the power concerned, but the awkwardness of these definitions is obvious before the recent LDP draft version "(the dissolution) shall be at Premier's discretion".
 This conspiracy as a means to keep the then Imperial sovoreignty was testified (See HP above for "LDP Quiz Q2") by our translators and all of the D.MacArthur draft, and in fact the stage director apparent of this reactionary but understandable farce left his key position soon after, probably to avoid Mac's reprisal.

  October 21, 2007

  Amaurotic 明き盲

In the case of Sunagawa (16/12/59), the supreme court, which shall "determine
the constitutionality of any law, order, regulation or official act (Art. 81, Const.)", ruled the Japano-American Security Treaty out as a "political

question" with "no obvious unconstitutionality or invalidity".

  On the contrary, the court had its authority and duty to hand down its constitutiomal answer to the "political question" desperately needed in that upheaval with the nation split into two where the treaty looked so military as to be "obviously" "unconstitutional or invalid" under our constitutional pacifism with no military, for which anyone who supports JSDF based on the right of self-defense virtually abandoned self-declaredly is naughtier than a child who knows you can' t have your cake and eat it.


  砂川事件判決 (59/12/16) で最高裁は、「一切の法律、命令、規則又は処分が憲法に適合するかしないかを決定する (憲法81条)」

はずが、日米安全保障条約は「統治行為」であり、「明白に」は 「違憲無効であると認められない」からと、司法審査の範囲外とした。


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授権法 Enabling Act

 この問題は最高裁が統治権に返上した (59/12/16) とは言え、そんな彼らの立場が正当だと誰が決めたのか、反問したいものだ。憲法の何が、このように返上された司法権を現状のように行政権に授権したか。
 これでは新世紀日本は、授権法 (33/3/23) を持つに至ったナチ体制下より、おぞましいではないか。この法の下にナチは立法権を接収し、遂には全権を掌握したが、わが支配者は法に定めも無い司法権を継承し、これまで指摘してきたように同様手口で既に立法権の死命を制していたから、事実上、この国家の統治三権を半世紀も壟断してきたのだ。 


 In a newspaper-week feature, a popular TV newscaster endorses the paper's opinion on Article 9 as a former repoter there. That is to say, he as well as our government is for both JSDF and Article 9, which are incompatible with each other for most of our constitutionalists and me.
   I should like to ask them who has decided their position like that is right after the supreme court gave it all up (16/12/59) to the soverignty. Under our supreme law, wh
at has enabled the executive power to succeed, as seen now, the judicial power thus given up?
   Aren't we in a situation horribler than in the Nazi regime with its Enabling Act (23/3/33), in that under the law, Nazi took over the legislative power to eventually seize the plenary power, while without due law, our ruler has succeeded the judicial power to virtually abuse all the three sovereign powers already for half a century, with the legislative power earlier controllable for him through similar tricks I have so far pointed out.

  September   ,2007

  CP is not putting up its candidates whereever single-member constituencies are hopeless for it in the coming general election. The wonderful decision must change Japan because about forty seats may be given to DP instead of  LDP, to let DP handle this country for a drastic change.
  For its contribution this way to a better Japan, CP gets some bargaining power to ask DP for as much as practically possible under an agreement of policies at every district concerned.
   Apparently least prejudiced against CP, DP boss may thus open up a power shift system for the first time in the postwar Japan.
   At this unprecedented juncture, however, any new skipper of our boat shall, for his maiden voyage, note LDP-planned Chart at its three distressing points of enjoyable human rights, premier's Diet breakup and JSDF as military all missing mysteriously so far.   



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飛躍 Jump



  Most of Constitutional non-revisionists risk a jump of logic that after accepting JSDF, they are against the ruling party's JSDF as military lest it should invite its support to any other's aggression, in that after thus violating the Constitution, they resort to this precautionary campaign as excessive as the prewar Peace Preservation Law. Such a gross inconsistency is, however, a reflection of the complex world for an emerging critic, or at a front to be kept desperately along the outer moat filled in for long for an elder constitutionalist.
  Even Princess Yodo didn't dare mention a probable siege to her donjon in defending its inner moat, while our intellectuals and mass media clamor against its fall, overlooking its inner moat intact as Article 9-1. Can JSDF as military step over this demilitarized zone? The prime minister did plan to try it, but stumbled before it, eventually giving it all up.
  Fortunately, he is going, leaving behind our neighbors now in good humor and Amendment Law leading us to a new regime with no lies any more. Why don't we make the most of the two?

  August 21, 2007

  Gentlemen 紳士

Our supreme law should, above all, be fair because it is for everyone of us
with various opinions. Naturally, it tends to be so rough and simple as to be interpreted in many ways like we have so far seen, much to our dismay.

  In my opinion among many, however, any law duly executed mustn't be so misleading, and if ever so, it is intentionally misread as seen in the case of a former premier decorated with the Supreme Order who read the constitutional preamble the other way round, similar cases of another premier as well as the supreme courts taking place before and after.

  By the way, a Nobel prize winner says in a newspaper this morning that the premier's good-bye to the postwar regime is so vague that he can show no alternative, when his ruling party has actually shown its new draft constitution

with JSDF as military among such crucial points this author says nothing about.





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お前もか Et Tu

  わざと隙だらけに仕組んだ現憲法の下で、同局は資格も無いのに自衛隊を合憲と判断するが、これは首相が権限も無いのに衆院を解散する手口を真似たものだ。即ち、一方は天皇の手を労わせた紙片を筒にして、そこから口を出し、他方は最高裁判事団変じて最高の牡蠣の皿盛りと化したのを食い物にする (下記HP参照)。
 こんな醜悪な戦後体制から早めに脱却したいのは何も首相一人では無いが、その契機はマスコミの選挙用 「花より団子」 絶叫と共に当面は去った。  


  When a critic, who cut off our Premier the Black Shogun's neck, argued in a magazine's August edition that JSDF was constitutional since the Cabinet Legislative Bureau authenticated it, he was making himself a cat's-paw of a masked group of usurpers in this country.
   Under our deliberately-deficient Constitution, unqualified CLB legitimates JSDF after the fashion of the prime minister dissolving, without due power, the Lower House. That is, one puts in a word through a tubed piece of paper with the Emperor's signature, while the other  preys on supreme judges-turned supreme oysters (See HP above).
   Our premier is not alone in wishing to sooner get rid of this ugly regime, our chance for it has just gone for a while with a mass media election claptrap "Pension, Not Action" though.

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釦一つ A Button

半世紀に亙り掛け違え放しにしてきたボタンを、今回は順に掛け直したいだけらしいが、マスコミは、 選り抜きの言論人を動員した「そのボタン惜し」の大合唱を年金空騒ぎで仕上げた所為で、又もや負けっぷりが悪いと、その鼎の軽重を問われよう。


  A former premier vents out his pet theory of JSDF as war potential, and no one can deny his timely thrust when he insists, on the ground of the indisputable actualities, on the inevitability of it as military in LDP's draft charter, while with the Upper House election coming up, mass media ignore this military provision systematically after the supreme court fashion.
  For half a century, the ruling party has buttoned up the coat one hole wrong by turns, now seeming to want to simply correct the set of mistakes, but
mass media will, again as bad losers, get their prestige questioned for their fuss about pension scheme after their loud "missing button" chorus with some men of letters as its draws.
  It is a pity that mass media cannot, as the name implies, change their course so agilely as brazenfaced politicians whose
worst national fraud in history such media have, by and large, become in line with has influenced some billions of peoples.

  July 15, 2007


  Poisonous Bun 毒饅頭


  What is more bogus than our stale-meat products, or their cardboard-mix meat bun and all, do you think?

  That is your own supreme law since prepared from this recipe for our nation, democracy is a pictured rice cake.   
  Also, the separation of the three powers is a
melted ice cream and pacifism is a candy bar showing JSDF with plenty of war potential at its every cut you get (See HP bellow).

  To make matters less simple than that cardboard story now doubtful, such fake baits have passed their use-by dates so long ago that their designer LDP itself is trying to dissuade people from eating them, while our mass media are, in this crucial occasion of the Upper House election, desperately beating about the bush with their repetitive and boring defeat stories, only to obscure such dangerous

reality for some reason unknown. 




 それは、あなたの憲法です。なぜなら、この国家料理法では、民主主義は絵に描いた餅となり、三権分立は溶けたアイスクリームに過ぎず、平和主義は切っても切っても戦力満載の自衛隊が現われる金太郎飴だからです (上記HP参照)。


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二枚舌は二枚目 Doubly Doubtful

 新聞が夕刊の読物 (07/6/25) で戦後の戦中自省を二重論理で逃げたのは遺憾としたが、二重基準はこの新聞のお家芸ではないか (下記HP参照)。
二度目の敗戦と言われる昨今を象徴するように、この好漢風曲者は、軍隊を持たないと誓った戦後の出発点を揺るがせにしたくないと言いながら、誰の目にも立派な軍隊である自衛隊を、新憲法で軍隊と呼びさえしなければ、容認し続けようと提案 (07/5/3) しているのだ。



  In its evening feature (25/6/07), a newspaper regrets its postwar double-logic approach in favor of its escape in repenting what it had done in the war. Isn't this approach, however, its specialty (See HP above)?
Symbolizing this juncture of our so-called second defeat, this goody-goody fox wanting not to make light of our postwar restart with no military under oath, proposes (3/5/07) to keep accepting JSDF, if  it is nonmilitary in the coming charter, in spite of its obvious military nature in everybody's eyes.
   The doubly double tongue shall relish a young constitutionalist's bitter mouth:

  "If JSDF isn't military, sake isn't liquor."

  June 14, 2007

  Crazy or Lazy 物臭か、物狂いか

Japan used to be an American henchman for our communists, and has now been
demoted to an American slave by our famed psychologist in a newspaper this morning.
Which do you think this scholar is, a crazy man or a lazy man?
  A master
country America would not so easily have been returning Okinawa to his slave country Japan (15/5/1972), let alone withdrawing his biggest overseas military base along Subic Bay from his former tributary the Philippines (16/11/1991).
  As evidenced here,
our civilized world is generally constitutional, however the law of the jungle is persistent.
  Now, we need to amend our Constitution in that its Article 9 allows no war including the sheer defense by JSDF, and such an amendment should not, in spite of our scholar's overanxiety, let America easier win us over to its own war, as we are going to renew our declaration that we never offend abroad with our war potential so far nonexistent brazenly but now existent honestly.
  Then, America
will, if it dare forces us to, be all the more looking unreasonable.


 この学者は、物臭なのか、物狂いなのか、どちらだろう。米国は主人なら、滅多なことでは沖縄を奴隷日本に返したり (1972/5/15)、その最大の在外軍事基地を元属領の比国から撤去したり (1991/11/26) は尚更、しなかったろう。


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本末転倒 Cart before Horse



  Article 9 has too narrow latitude to be a loose principle, because of its puritan nature. The Cabinet Legislative Bureau belongs to the prime minister, however resistant it may be to him with its prowess. And our national interests always depending on the situation can never control their guiding principle, our Constitution.
  Therefore, the three points above, which a constitutionalist, Uni/Tokyo, differs from in this morning's paper, tell us the gravity of the outgoing Upper House chairwoman's lament for authentic interpretations by the bureau taking advantage of the the supreme court avoiding finalilizing JSDF legitimacy.

  May 14, 2007

  Open Sesame 開闢

  In order to take back the three big lies sixty years old in this country, the
Referendum Law just in force shall so congratulate our open sesame ever that the self-defense right shall be secured by the self-defense forces, our basic rights shall be enjoyed by us, not merely being possessed by, and the premier's right to break up the lower house shall be so restricted as to realize the separation

of the three powers.



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仰天 Amazement



  Amazingly, an influential newspaper says in its editorial in memory of our Constitution now sixty years old that the longtime contradiction between Artticle 9 and JSDF shall be changed into a compatibility between them by instituting a pacifc security standard forbidding JSDF to be military.
  In the first place, JSDF has, because of its long military nature, been contradictory to our Article 9, and this editorial is a contradiction of no use itself since its conclusion forbidding military in future with the existing contradiction left alone denys practically its precondition seeing military in the existing JSDF.
  Thus, our choice is to amend our Charter, or disarm JSDF, which loses all, and we are to take the former.
  By the way, in the readers' column of this newspaper, a professor insists her accepted theory that an LDP revision of the charter in such a way amounts to a coup d' etat as a fatal blow to it.
  Our intellectuals are not conventional, indeed.

  April 15, 2007

  Discovery of Zero 零の発見

 A leftist monthly recently features a talk in which a famed novelist (1925-2012) agrees with a Tokyo University jurist professor's view that our constitutional nonarmament is a mere principle not prohibiting our self-defense force just as our freedom of speech allows for libel.
 Your foul mouth can't shutter our mouths, but your gun in your hand can shatter our hands-up, you see.
 Incidentally, this professor's professor's professor was saying in his book (1955):

 (war potential) "will never be maintained" means "will never get maintainable legally," not merely declaring a pinciple not to maintain it.


 左翼月刊誌の最近の対談で著名作家 (1925-2012) は、憲法の非武装が単なる原則であり、自衛力を禁じないのは、言論が自由でも名誉毀損罪がある様なものと言う東大憲法学教授に、賛成する。
 因みに、この教授の教授の教授が著書 (1955) に曰く、


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病は気から Mind Rules Body

 教授が、日米当局の改憲意向に反してまで、現状に固執するのは、その真意は別として (下記 「自己欺瞞」 参照)、 この矛盾が六十年の平和を齎したと何の根拠も無く信じているからだろう。


  Because of the contradiction between Article 9 and JSDF, it is so natural for us to question it, and it is rather strange to see a professor in this morning's paper find a fiction or illness in our attitude like that.
  In spite of the constitutional JSDF coveted by our government as well as the American, he wants to keep the status quo because he believes, his real intention (See "Self-deception" bellow) aside, on no firm ground that the very contradiction has brought us the sixty years long peace, I guess.
   The constitutional JSDF coming with its legal status adjusted to its reality should demand us no particular preparedness like he threatens us with, since it will only dissolve the longtime contradiction besides extravagant fictions or illnesses found by him.
   Who are neurotic, people or professors?

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品格失格 Dignity Denyed



 The right of collective self-defense is an obvious stalemate in our supreme law long ignoring its pure pacifism by keeping JSDF, whose constitutionality has never been finalized by the ultimate judicature, our beautiful country consequently looking like a virgin-turned hussy at a loss.
  Now the illegitimate have just been celebrated their late coming of age, isn't it time for us to recognize them as our own soldiers by rewriting our family creed, Dongyankees and Yankees are hell-bound though?

  March 14, 2007

  Commonplace 月並み

  LDP's new draft constitution sometimes sounds a bit more nationalistic, reflecting the party's younger opinions, the draftsman says.
  This is a bit
surprising since such tendencies used to come from its seniors, but natural and acceptable provided such are within democratic principles.
  Our historic task is
to correct the controversial points so that no unproductive disputes will survive this occasion.
  As evident by now, no scholars, bureaucrats and media

people are trustworthy in this national business.
  We need a commonplace but
clear-cut charter because what we can hope for is an ordinary country where defense is war.




  January 16, 2007

  Sovereign 元首

  On its every festival in spring and autumn, the Yasukuni Shrine is honored by our Imperial Messenger coming to pay homage to it. In our country, this is the highest respect paid to it.
  The Prime Minister's visit to it is only the fourth

highest after the Diet Chairpersons'.
  Our neighbors must know this order very
well, and this is still a point our Foreign Minister should keep in mind in

persuading them to tolerate our Prime Minister's Yasukuni visit now suspended voluntarily, in spite of such a much less important nature of it not necessarily representing our nation.





 March 11, 2007

  Blissful Dragonflies 極楽とんぼ

A radio program of English the other day was on our Constitution where the
professor in charge passed by our obvious war potential when he read down Article 9 in English and Japanese, while he didn't, somehow, read, in Japanese, the controversial "public welfare" clause in Article 12.

  I do share his praise for the supreme law, but I'm afraid his cool approach to such linguistic problems as above is so naive that he looks like one of those dragonflies abundant in paradise high above this land of generosity floating beautifully.




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自己欺瞞 Self-deception



  The contradiction between our declared demilitarization and our obvious war potential is the very secret of our postwar success in keeping both peace and prosperity with us, a writer concludes our topic in the newspaper this morning.
   But this theory starts our peaceful charter confronted with JSDF, which has happened nowhere but in personal views like his since there has only been Article 9 so repeatedly read otherwise as to be compatible with the ever growing war potential new and powerful in reality, as long as he and lot keep this contradiction merely within them now glad, now sad.
   It is so decent of you to enjoy our immuno-deficient charter in agony invaded by a foreigner with tied arms. Who do you think have been deceived by your quibble like this, by the way? Nobodies but the Japanese, who hate anything to do with war so much that they are ready to accept it having been not so much profiting as losing in contrast to our original absolute pacifism costing nothing, but that they will not fight the windmill any more now they have come to know what.
  Further, pardoning the unconstitutional ruling power this way, aren't you also trying to hide other two big lies in the law, which LDP plans to correct besides this Article 9, as you may see by clicking HP above? If not, what's your action like this contrary to your ringleader's intention? Tell us, please, where to find your unfathomable wisdom displayed, if any, for such extra two.

  October 09, 2006

  Booby Trap Remined 埋め戻された地雷

  Our new prime minister's quick visits to our neighbors have just covered up the sensitive mine, only to wait and see someone else coming sooner or later to tread on it.   
  Better dig it up now, and defuse it, which is, by the way, your
hatred for our major war criminals executed and enshrined in the Yasukuni to be mourned for by our leader.
  On behalf of you, somebody remarked what if your

national leader should pay his homage to Hitler.
  I hate to say this, but you
should turn your blind eye to this mourner since even Hitler is a beloved child for his bereaved folks, or nation for that matter.



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